Ultimate Fun With the Ultimate Frisbee Club

North Atlanta hosts an abundance of clubs that are beneficial to worn-out Warriors suffering long days and stressful classes. From academic decathlon to student government to Creative Writing Club, there’s something for everyone to invest their very limited free time into.

For athletically inclined Warriors who love social spheres and catching discs, the Ultimate Frisbee Club is a great opportunity to do both. Every Wednesday afternoon the club meets on the practice field and host scrimmages. The atmosphere is very casual and focuses on fun.

The club started last year under the leadership of Class of 2016 graduate Bethany Bell. Social studies teacher Wilson Harris is the group’s faculty sponsor.

After last year’s beginning, the club has some very clear-cut goals for this year. Sophomore Fisher Calame, this year’s president, sets the tone for the organization and is an experienced player. “We want to provide a friendly place for people who like the sport to learn how to play and get acquainted with it,” he said.

Becoming one of the premiere Ultimate programs in the state is a goal down the road for the club. In the meantime, Calame said the focus is on introducing the sport to those who might become the backbone for future success. “This year we’re just focused on letting everyone who wants to play have that opportunity,” he said.

Sophomore Caroline Tuemler, an active club member, said she’s enjoyed the activity and camaraderie the club has provided. “We’ve had a really good time,” she said. “It’s not about competition. We haven’t competed against other teams. It’s just been scrimmaging a lot but that’s really helped us grow as a community. It’s all been a lot of fun.”

Although its fall season is ending soon, expect to see the Ultimate Frisbee club back on our practice field in mid-winter.