Senioritis: A Widespread Affliction Hits North Atlanta

Senioritis is a serious affliction- if you or a loved one is affected, please contact the procrastination hotline

Senioritis is a serious affliction- if you or a loved one is affected, please contact the procrastination hotline

North Atlanta has an notable outbreak sweeping through members of the Class of 2018: Senioritis. Google defines the term the following way: “A supposed affliction of students, in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” This affliction is thought to be a fable, but but many seniors know better. Between the all-too familiar array of classes and the classwork that accompanies them, how could one not become bored of the same old monotonous routine?

What causes it? It might be the enticing thought of college looming over a senior’s head that causes the problem. Think of it: An escape from crowded high school hallways and a swan dive into all the freedoms that would accompany such an exit. Who could resist?

         Senior Kaleb Vega said being a senior is the worst experience of his life. “I’m tired of being in this school. I just want to get out,” he said.

He said his high school experience thus far has consisted of failed classes, unfriendly encounters and a general lack of internally generated school spirit. “To be honest with you, I can’t wait to move on,” he said.

In contrast to Vega’s more jaundiced view toward school there are those members of the Class of 2018 who are decidedly nostalgic about their soon-coming departure. Over the course of 12 nurturing years, students realize they’ve encountered both the worst and, yes, the best of memories. As graduation beckons in May, memories flood into their hearts and minds. All those strange lunchtime conversations with friends, nervous breakdowns that accompanied the ever-coming onslaught of tests and projects, all along with that one specific time water spilled all over your pants and your friends mocked you, but it was – admit it – pretty hilarious. No more high school memories? Can we agree that leaving this place is both terrifying and sad?  

        Senior Courtney Sanford senses that her senior year is something to cherish. “It feels awesome to be a senior,” she said. “Senior activities are cool because they’re fun and they make me feel like I’m actually a senior.”  

In regards to school work, Sanford believes being a senior makes her work even harder. “I feel so much more inclined to do work because I really want to get out of high school,” she said. “The biggest difference for me is my relationship towards my peers. I just like everyone a lot more.”

With a new school year, a new group of seniors yet again falls victim to the annual outbreak of senioritis. To be sure, tell-tale symptoms include a lack of ambition and drive among those in our building’s 10th and 11th floors. Seniors: You might have the condition. But know this: graduation is just remedy you’re looking for.