The Growing Popularity of Online Courses

Online courses through Atlanta Virtual Academy are growing in popularity.

Laila Nicholson

Online courses through Atlanta Virtual Academy are growing in popularity.

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One kid might not like math, while another might not like English. One might have failed biology, another might not be interested in economics. And yet another kid might want to skip out from the horror that is PE class. Something that all these people have in common is not a lack of adventure or the determination to get through less than the desired classes for the sake of a well-rounded education, but online classes.

Atlanta Virtual Academy, or AVA for short, is a common hub for those who want to make up or replace their classes. It offers a wide range of classes, from Algebra to AP Psychology to Pharmacy Operations and Fundamentals. There are a lot of options to choose from, but of course these classes don’t just limit themselves to AVA only. They can be found on several different sites across the web. Students who take online courses for various reasons, from being out of country to just wanting to take an extra desired class that can’t be fit into the eight-period schedule, give the format a strong endorsement. “Online schooling provided one-on-one learning and live video lessons where you talk to the teacher directly and interact with your peers,” said junior Sonya Dannenberg. “I would definitely recommend online schooling to a friend who travels or has career plans that they are trying to pursue.”

The courses are separated into two categories: initial credit and credit recovery. Initial credit is for those students who prefer to take a particular subject online instead of in a traditional classroom setting. Credit recovery is for those who have either failed a previous class or because some experience did not allow them to receive a necessary credit needed for graduation.

These courses can be a tremendous help to those students who might need them. They can really make a difference between graduation and a repeat of senior year.