“Ready Player One” Movie Ready to Engage Readers


In August 2011, writer Ernest Cline released one of the greatest science fiction novels of the 21st century. “Ready Player One” took the world by storm and ever since 2011 has garnered millions of fans around the world. The novel takes place in a dystopian future, year 2044, and follows protagonist and ultimate geek Wade Watts as he attempts to find the “easter egg” hidden in an interactive videogame called the “OASIS.” Through identifying hilarious and iconic 80’s pop culture references, Wade gets closer and closer to finding the egg — which will grant him real life unending riches and incredible fame — and the reader is kept at the edge of their seat until the very end.

A movie based off of “Ready Player One” is being released March 30 of the coming year. The film is being directed by the prestigious and very talented Steven Spielberg and stars up-and-coming Tye Sheridan as the young Wade Watts. The premise of the film is identical to that of the novel, thus far, but only time will tell if the movie reigns true to the book. Many Warriors in our student body are eagerly awaiting the film and have high expectations that Spielberg is bound to satisfy. “It’s directed by Steven Spielberg so it should be good,” junior Samir Fayad said. “I liked the setting and I can appreciate a lot of the references. I hope the movie doesn’t disappoint.”

Cline’s book is chock-full of 80’s references and pop-culture pop-ups, which were mirrored in the recently-released trailer full of action-sequences and biting humor. “Hopefully the movie will stay true to the book,” said junior Lila Ward.

The novel, although fast-paced, is long, and only one movie will hopefully be able to do it justice. “Cline used great detail, and the book was really well-developed,” said junior Fisher Calame. “I just hope that a two-hour movie will cut it.”

Cline has created a universe of his own through his novel and Spielberg definitely has his work cut out for him. Expectations are high and anticipation is higher.

I, for one, am Ready (Player One)!