Warriors Not Scoring Big in School Spirit


Dennis Racket

Sophomore Kennedy Johnston asks why North Atlanta lags among other schools in school spirit.

Too cool for school? It would seem that way. North Atlanta students have time for almost everything, but they don’t have time for something I’d call important: Building up school spirit at the home of the Warriors.

We all have those images of high school that we gained from the movies like “High School Musical.” You know where everyone is hyper school spirited and everyone is 100 percent behind the school’s teams. But what we have at North Atlanta is far from that ideal. Students go to the mall, attend parties, they go on vacation together, and the last thing they do is ever show up at one of our varsity games.

Looking back at your high school days, you want to remember those joyous times of dressing up in 90’s fashion for throwback day or yelling at the top of your lungs “Go Warriors!”, while crammed in the student section at the rivalry basketball game.

As big as our school is, the spirit here lacks tremendously! While cheerleading for our varsity basketball team at other schools, I tend to notice bigger student sections, louder cheering, more…SCHOOL SPIRIT. I can often recall myself and the rest of the team wishing that our games attracted a bigger crowd. It’s somewhat discouraging to cheer your hardest, only just to turn around and see vacant stands or a occupied seat here and there. Is it really that hard to show up?

Constantly on social media you will see North Atlanta students at football and basketball games for other schools. How does that work? Schools such as Campbell, Wheeler and Westlake have great turnouts because the students there take pride in their school. This pride gets everyone pumped and almost always attracts more than just the students at that school. Logically, it does not make any sense to me. How can you support another school but can’t even support your own?

It’s now, we should put our pride and start coming to our OWN varsity games. Or else, the only thing we will have of high school memories is the loads of work teachers pile on us. It’s clear, the more school spirit, the better. So let’s stop and put some time aside to cheer on our North Atlanta Warriors. Go Dubs!