Mid-Summer Melodrama: When Summer Gets Old


Sadie Fitzgerald

Summertime Blues: Sophomore Leah Overstreet said she will confront mid-summer boredom head on by watching Netflix.

During the school year summer seems like a sweet release from the monotonous routine of school life. Between homework, finals and tests, summer couldn’t come quick enough. However, what happens when summer is in full-swing and there isn’t anything to do? Thus ensues: Mid-summer melodrama.

Picture this: It’s 80 degrees outside, the smell of sweat conspicuously hangs in the air while the same episode of “Friends” you’ve watched three times already is playing on your laptop, and there’s one thing on your mind: boredom. Sure, there’s always the off-chance that a friend in a similar situation is willing to take a chance and “hang out” as the kids say. But what happens when everyone is out of town?

 Sophomore Leah Overstreet says there’s nothing like the boredom felt by a teenage melodramatic. “Some summers it feels like I’m not going anything but staring at a wall,” she said. “I’m always wondering when something will happen.”

As the days draw on, Overstreet says she finds interesting ways to cure her affliction. “Sometimes I’ll watch Netflix to take my mind off things,” she said. “But I usually just try to find new things to do while everyone is gone.”

On the other hang, Sophomore Maria Niño says that summer is the worst time of year. “Summer is so boring,” she said, “I only have three friends and they’re always on vacation so I end up lonely.”

But what to do to pass the time? Niño says it help to take her mind off the boredom. “When I get too bored I either eat, or I write my thoughts down,” she said.

Summer may seem sweet amid the chaos of school-year stress, but what to do when there isn’t anything to do? Beware: The Mid-summer Melodrama.