NAHS Students Prepare for Annual North Star Showcase


Olivia Chewning

Light It Up: Sophomores Sydney Jones and Ava Behan-Sahib look forward to the upcoming North Star performances.

It’s no secret that North Atlanta’s student body is practically bursting at the seams with talent. Actors, singers and artists walk the halls, itching for a chance to hit the stage and make their mark. Now is their time. With North Atlanta’s annual North Star Showcase rapidly approaching, talented Warriors across the building are getting ready to show friends and family what they’ve got.

    North Star performers have already begun their preparations for the big performance. Day after day, the theater fills with song and dance as students work toward perfecting their acts, their efforts tireless and dedication unwavering. Performers put blood, sweat and tears into their acts, each day discovering something new about themselves and their talents. “It takes a lot of work to be able to get up onstage and perform,” said junior Emily Song. “It’s always the best to see our hard work pay off.”

Every year, the North Star performers are able to create a strong sense of community among themselves. Students describe the show as one of the most amazing activities they’ve ever participated in. “It’s really fun performing with the other talented people at the school,” said junior Fiona Liu. “I always love having the chance to learn and grow in the North Star community.”

     North Star accommodates a massive array of acts and talents onstage and students are free to perform anything they desire. Past showcases have included dance, spoken word, monologue and ballad acts. Event organizers are committed to providing an event that accommodates all performing styles and musical genres.

The much-anticipated event will take place in the Linda Faye Stevenson Theater on September 29. Ticket-buyers are encouraged to get their tickets by going to and searching for North Star or securing their tickets are at the door. The ticket price is $10 for adults and $5 for staff and students.