Annual Powder-Puff Rivalry Renewed During Homecoming Week  


Bethany Creaven

Tuff Enough: last year -- in this photo -- they were juniors: This year, seniors Sadie Stovin, Chloe Senter, Addie Derrick, Mary Wallace Underwood and Kenson Marbut are bent on going out winners in the annual Powder Puff Games held during Homecoming Week 2018. .

The greatly anticipated Powder Puff games will be held this week. With the girls tackling football and the boys eagerly cheering them along, this time of the year is always full of enthusiasm. The game, which is scheduled to take place on Warrior Field on Thursday, Sept. 20. Set amid the excitement of this year’s Homecoming Week, the games will pit each class against one another to ultimately win the prize of admiration and bragging rights as Powder Puff champion. Practices are already in full swing and the students of North Atlanta have a lot to say about their performances this year.

Last year, saw the unexpected — and first ever — win by the school’s freshman class. All year long the Class of 2021 has luxuriated in its accomplishment. The victory on the part of the newcomers — this year’s sophomores — has meant all the other classes have been even harder at work. This year’s seniors — the Class of 2019 — are stoked to go out with a victory. “We’ve been practicing very hard for a couple of weeks,” said senior Caroline Partlowe. “Our team is look strong and ready to compete! Go seniors!”

After a successful series of games last year, the Class of 2021 is ready to keep its streak alive. Sophomore Payton Jones is said to be a leader and “hype master” of this team, in charge of getting the sophomores pumped up for their games. “If we won it last year; we can do it again,” said Jones. “2021 is going back to back. You heard it here first, folks.”

The freshman class has taken a very dedicated approach for their flag football season. Most of the teams hold their practice at different times after school, but the 9th grade team has decided to hold their practices bright and early in the a.m. “Morning practice isn’t all that terrible because it’s so convenient for everyone,” said freshman Josie Bird. “But it is annoying to wake up early and feel sweaty all day.”

All of the players’ hard work and determination should be put to the test for  Thursday’s games. The girls of North Atlanta are ready to strap up their cleats, put on their flags, and take tons of pics for their social media accounts for the greatly anticipated games. Is North Atlanta tough enough for Powder Puff? We’ll soon find out.