North Atlanta’s North Star Talent Show Shines the Light on Warrior Talent

Senior Tazilyn Graves performs a monologue called Richard Fisher’s Funeral by Kellie Powell.

North Atlanta’s stage was an overflow of talent on Saturday. Cellos, guitars, ukuleles, and pianos were just the beginnings of the night’s acts, and everything from Fleetwood Mac to Broadway ballads were covered. Emotions ran high as actors performed monologues, and hearts were warmed as dancers gracefully moved under the stage lights. This year’s talent show definitely was a showcase to be remembered.

This event was held in the school theater on September 29 and offered a grand total of twenty five acts. The students who were involved were overjoyed to get to perform for their peers, and the show directors had an air of excitement in creating an incredible show. North Atlanta parent and committee member Brandi Diamond was very happy to be a part of the committee that worked on this year’s show. “North Star is such a great opportunity to highlight a variety of talent,” she said. “Some of these talents might otherwise have gone unrecognized, so we get the opportunity to let unique performers shine.”

The team that put the show together this year was comprised of Karen Atkinson, Brandi Diamond, Toshma Graves, Lori Blackburn, and Teri Biven. Ticket proceeds went towards helping the Drama Booster Club, which is an organization that supports theatre at North Atlanta High School.

After auditions occurred from August 15th to 17th, the excitement started. Students spent time rehearsing, tech details were addressed, and committee members prepared for the show. The work paid off, and an amazing third year of North Star ensued.

The talented students involved were thrilled to be a part of the show. Junior Emily Song who played guitar in the show really enjoyed the process.”

There’s no doubt about it, North Star blew us away this year! Bravo Warriors, Bravo!