Thompson Commits to Play Collegiate Basketball


Nora Rosenfeld

Hoop Dreams: Senior Messiah Thompson, who will lead the Dub’s in basketball this season, has already lined-up his plans to play on the collegiate level.

Many young boys dream of becoming a Division I athlete and to have the opportunity to compete against some of the best players in the world. That dream is becoming a reality for the North Atlanta basketball team’s senior guard, Messiah Thompson. He has committed to attend Campbell University, Buies Creek, N.C., as he continues his athletic and academic career.

From spending countless hours in the gym perfecting his jump shot to his determination in the classroom, Thompson feels as if his hard work has paid off. His work ethic on-and-off the court is what separates him from the other top players across the nation. “He is one of the best teammates that I’ve ever played with,” said shooting guard Sam Jennings. “He pushes us just as hard as he pushes himself.”

Thompson appreciates every coach, teacher and mentor throughout the journey, but nobody has motivated him more than his father, Jermaine Thompson, the man who pushes him to become a better player, but more importantly, a better man. “My dad has kept me on a straight path for the past 18 years,” said Thompson. “If it weren’t for him, I couldn’t tell you where I’d be.”

The talented floor general is not letting his commitment distract him from what the Warriors are hoping to do this season. With an Elite Eight run under their belt, the team is looking to do more than just open the eyes of their competitors. Thompson is looking to lead the team to a trophy and finish what they came just short of last year. “The guys are hungry for revenge this season,” said head coach Kerry Sarden. “The feeling after the season was over is what motivates them day in and day out.”

The work ethic of Thompson on-and-off the court has led him to achieve his lifelong goal of playing Division I basketball. Even though he knows he has basketball ahead of him, he is focused on the upcoming season for the Warriors, and what’s left for him as a high school student. Either way for Thompson, It’s a high percentage shot.