Car Struggles Start Stress Among Students


Maddy Carter

Car Exhaust: Junior Emma Shaw deals with the trials and tribulations, but also the rewards and freedom, that comes with driving.

Of all the firsts that come with high school, few are as exciting as getting your driver’s license. However, this lively experience, for some, is cut short when the struggles of driving have set in.

Driving is already extremely stressful not even counting the problems of driving in Atlanta and for the inexperienced, it can be downright nerve wracking. Cutting people off, not using blinkers, and speeding are all problems new drivers run into. Plus the area around North Atlanta is particularly harrowing. “Drivers in Atlanta and at North Atlanta are so inconsiderate,” said junior Hannah Hume. “You always have to be on your guard.”

One of the largest issues that new drivers face is the difficulty of driving in the rain. In recent weeks it has been pouring, and rain makes it hard to see and roads become very slick. On Mt. Paran Road, once you turn left out of North Atlanta and get past the lights, it is a complete madhouse. Although the speed limit is 45, reckless students often go 80 mph or more. Sadly, senior Pano Karatassos got into a wreck with another student on a rainy day on Mt. Paran not too long ago. “Getting into a wreck is one of the worst things about driving to me,” said Karatassos. “It’s a terrible feeling.”

Arguably, the biggest struggle with driving is gas prices in Atlanta, especially in Buckhead. It seems like almost everywhere you go prices are skyrocketing, making it questionable whether an alternative such as Uber or an electric car would be better than your normal, everyday, gas-guzzling car. “Personally, I think it’s not worth it to Uber or get an electric car if you have access to a car” said junior Mickayla Ward. “Driving on your own and being able to go wherever and whenever is worth the price.”

Despite tough gas prices, weather challenges, and difficult drivers, the good thing is once you can drive in Atlanta, you can drive anywhere. So North Atlanta students, make sure to be careful the next time you’re on the road, so you’re not kicked to the curb!