Niche Classes: North Atlanta’s Hidden Gems


Nicole Spektor

Small But Mighty: Science teacher Ramon Reeves focuses on forensics and earth science through various creative projects.

From dance, to film, to journalism, to graphic design, and more, North Atlanta features a wide array of classes in order to let students pursue their varied interests. However, with so many options to choose from, some often go overlooked. Forensic science and psychology are some of North Atlanta’s smallest classes but are no less important.

Lots of students may not know, but our school has a psychology class. While this might seem uninteresting, the teacher spices up the class with creative activities like analyzing movie characters and their choices using psychology. Junior Fiona Liu took psychology last year and the class was taught by instructor Arturo Meza. “The big focus was taking the things we learned to help improve our lives and mental states, and I thought that was pretty cool,” she said.

One of North Atlanta’s coolest, yet most overlooked, classes is forensic science. Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws, mainly during criminal investigation. In the forensic science class, students learn handwriting analysis, fingerprinting, ballistics, and much more. Senior Ethan Roman took the class last school year. “Small classes like forensics are important for exploring certain interests and allowing people to dive into topics that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to study in a normal core class,” he said.

When picking classes for next year, definitely consider the bigger electives like  art and theater, but also don’t forget about the smaller classes of North Atlanta.