Parking Deck Traffic Drives Dubs Crazy


Hayden Perciful

Through the Labyrinth: Sophomores Claudia Derek, Kate Jackson, Lexi Perry deal with the challenges of navigating through the parking deck traffic.

The four-story North Atlanta parking deck is a great place for Warriors to have a convenient spot to park for school, but it can often come with drawbacks. The Dubs who drive are facing a variety of new and frustrating obstacles in the parking deck this year, from speed bumps to bothersome traffic to annoying horn honking. These new features have not only been slowing the flow of traffic, and all these vehicular party fouls are driving North Atlanta students crazy.

The new implications of “mini speed bumps” have stirred up some mixed emotions in our learning community. While they may help to resolve reckless driving or speeding, many Warriors have come to detest them for their inconvenience, abundance, and even fear damage to their cars. “Those speed bumps ruin my morning,” said junior Danielle Milburn. “I have to go so slow and I’m late to my class. Plus, they make me spill my morning Starbucks.”

Another common complaint was being stuck behind the buses when trying to make a quick getaway out of the parking deck in the afternoons. Many Dubs reflected on the same frustration when thinking of how waiting for the buses to leave can cause traffic to build up. “Right when I see those buses coming around the corner, I know I have to blast,” said junior Grace McCaffrey. “I know they are just trying to get home too, but I don’t see why the buses can’t exit through the back.”

Some Dubs have even considered taking the carpool route as an option. Many Warriors have reported a recent traffic surge that they believe is almost unbearable. “Well I crashed my car and I’m selling it for parts but if I could drive right now I’d tell you that the traffic is out of control,” said senior Emily Howe. “Now I see how my great aunt Louisa picking me up in carpool has its perks.”

The always popular parking deck has given Dubs a run for their money this semester. Many Warriors have complained about this sudden increase in traffic that has put many of their after school activities to a halt. We all know that Atlanta traffic is not for the faint of heart. Well, as bad as that mayhem is, it pales in comparison to the traffic in the North parking deck.