Drug Use at North Atlanta

Drug Dread: North Atlanta and other school around the country grapple with the problem of students doing drugs inside of the school.


Drug Dread: North Atlanta and other school around the country grapple with the problem of students doing drugs inside of the school.

Drug abuse is a serious and growing problem across the country, especially for teenagers. High school is a fun and exciting time for students, but it can also be a common place for drug and substance abuse. Students become more susceptible to peer pressure to become involved in illicit substances in almost all high school environments and it is important to understand and recognize their views on such a serious issue.

North Atlanta’s students and staff hold themselves to the highest of standards; however, drug use in all high school capacities are inevitable. North Atlanta does its best to combat these issues, but a presence of drugs still lingers. “I think every school has their bad students who might use drugs,” said sophomore Eve Smith. “I feel like North Atlanta doesn’t have as many as people might think.”

Despite their best knowledge, students resort to using drugs for a variety of reasons. Most students interviewed said they think people might use drugs out of boredom, peer pressure, or both school and life-related stress. “I honestly get bored or stressed in school,” said an anonymous student. “It makes me feel like I’m not at school and the sky isn’t falling. I don’t think it’s that harmful but it could become a problem over time.”

Students face serious consequences when they choose to violate the rules and regulation the school has in place for drug use. The school takes an obvious strong stance against drug use. On a student’s first offense he or she will receive one day of OSS and intervention, but by their third offense they can face up to 10 days of OSS and a hearing referral with the possibility of alternative school.

Despite their best effort to curb drug use, drug related instances have still occurred and leave students with some very serious experiences. “One time I was walking to class and this girl passed out and looked like she was seizing,” said one student. “The teachers called for help and were checking for a pulse. I think hard drugs were involved and it was pretty scary.”

However, many students strongly believe that North Atlanta actually has much less drug use on campus compared to other high school environments. “I don’t think drug use is necessarily excessive at North Atlanta.” said sophomore Annabeth Bradley. “Coming from a private school I have been exposed to drug use in many forms and don’t think it is out of hand at North Atlanta. In high school, drugs and alcohol will always be an issue to contend with.”

Drug abuse at the high school level is always inevitable, but it is important for Warriors to understand the risks they take and make great decisions that will help them in the future. Giving students a voice and input on this issue that is so closely related to them could best benefit the school.