Girls Sports Teams Left Seeking More Support


Kenneth Smith

Fans Wanted: The Lady Warriors softball team defeated region rival Chattahoochee on Sept. 19 by the score of 7 to 6 but there were few fans on hand to witness the victory. The team’s spectator-challenged situation is emblematic of the ongoing struggle for girls’ sports teams to get fan support at North.

At North Atlanta, there is seemingly no lack of support for Warrior sports. Boys basketball games draw in crowds from all over the school, lacrosse matches garner widespread support, and football games attract almost every Warrior student multiple times every year. Yet, for almost every game that draws students to take a seat in the stands, they share one thing in common — they’re boys games. 

Boys games are almost always characterized with full stands and an excited, encouraging crowd, yet, for many dedicated, hard-working girls, this level of support is nothing more than a dream. Girls teams, from lacrosse to basketball, struggle to create an audience for their frequent matches. Varsity softball player Hannah Hume sees the lack of support for girls sports as an unfortunate norm for female athletes. “Nobody except family members come to our softball games,” said Hume, a senior. “At this point it’s just a reality that we’ve gotten used to.”

In the duration of a four-year period, an overwhelming majority of students will not attend a single girls sporting event. Girls sports such as softball, soccer, and lacrosse host games multiple times per semester, giving NAHS students ample opportunities to make an appearance. Both girls and boys sports share similar playing schedules throughout the year, yet girls sports garner significantly less support.

Ironically, for many Warrior sports, girls have a competitive track record for games won and achievements gained in comparison to boys. Far too often, the hard work and dedication displayed by these athletes is brushed under the rug in favor of boys sports. Students have been rumored to attend girls games solely to get good seats for the boys game that follows directly after. “Not too many people come but I wish more would.” said senior Annabelle Sarkissian. “I feel like we don’t get much support even though we win a lot of games.”

Warrior students at North Atlanta are known for their school spirit and athletic support, ranging from football student section, known as the Warrzone, to the Northside noises basketball fans. In the future, it is vital for these female athletes to receive the support they deserve. So Warriors, stand up and support your girls!