Softball Warriors Cap a Record-Winning Season


Kenneth Smith

Season of Dreams: In a sports region known for brutal competition, the Lady Warrior softball team broke records with a 15-win season. A team that historically struggled for many wins enjoyed its best season ever.

The Lady Warriors softball team ended their legendary season with a record-breaking 15 wins. In the previous years the program averaged two wins per season, so the jump to 15 wins has been cause for celebration. A lot of this victory is thanks to the regional coach of the year: Ricky Plante. Coach Plante and local Coach Wren Williams were a big help in turning this program around for the better. The previous North Atlanta softball school record is 12 wins. This year’s team broke the record with an astonishing three more wins than the standing record. This is North Atlanta sports history in the making.

This year there was a major shift in this softball team statistically and mentally. Records show that the softball program was previously not very strong at North Atlanta High School. However, this year’s team overcame the odds and turned the program around for the better. Although the lady Warriors team faces fierce competitors such as Cambridge and Pope, they have persevered and become a better team. Along with the shift in the record came a change in team bonding. Over the two-month period of seeing each other almost everyday, the team became more cooperative with one another leading to better chemistry on the field. “At the end of the day, we are dysfunctional but we all care about each other,” said senior Barrett Dougher.

Along with a record-breaking 15 wins some team members also won individual awards.  Freshman Cece Smith was awarded Honorable Mention for her outstanding pitching and hitting abilities. Junior Emily Mcgreevey was recognized on all-around second team for her consistent pitching and talented at-bats. Last but certainly not least, Coach Ricky Plante was awarded Region Coach of the year for his ability to guide this group of girls in the right direction.This regional attention is ground-breaking because it adds legitimacy to the lady Warriors name. Coach Plante is proud of his team, claiming “This is definitely a great season to build upon to push this program forward.” 

The team was one spot away this year from making it to the playoffs which shows it is definite possibility of playoffs in the future. With the help of new talent from upcoming eighth graders and off-season training among the returning players next season will be a fun one to watch. These lady Warriors are on the rise and ready for a challenge. Be prepared, because next year this team is looking for a regional title and won’t let anyone get in their way.