The Top Seven TikTok Stars at North Atlanta


Dennis Racket

Social Stars: Senior Cole Bickerstaff and junior Sophie Terraso are two among several North students staking their claim on social media site Tik Tok.

Currently one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Tik-Tok is tik-taking over our school. But here among the Warriors, just who is trending big? Here are the top seven Tik-Tok stars of North Atlanta, ranked from most to least views.

  1. Cole Bickerstaff (@colehimself)

Number of followers: 26.3K

Most popular video: Cole and Ms. Hiers reenact an iconic argument from “Dance Moms.”

Number of views on the video: 2.0M

  1. Sophie Terraso (@sophieterraso) 

Number of followers: 1,400

Most popular video: Sophie goes to a store and compares a brand of pasta to actor Noah Centineo.

Number of views on the video: 443.9k

  1. Armari Hodges (@armarihodges16)

Number of followers: 4,120

Most popular video: Armari jokes about being single and wanting to date someone.

Number of views on the video: 48.9k

  1. Virginia Brewer (@virginiabrewer)

Number of followers: 3,692

Most popular video: Virginia and friends lip-syncing and dancing to a popular Tik-Tok song.

Number of views on the video: 44.9k

  1. Soleil Golden (@soleilosis)

Number of followers: 161

Most popular video: Soleil shows off North Atlanta and its features.

Number of views on the video: 5,696

  1. Annabeth Bradley (@annabethb14)

Number of followers: 105

Most popular video: Annabeth lip-syncs a popular Tik-Tok song in bed.

Number of views on the video: 3,155

  1. Ellie Hodgson (@eleanorghodgson)

Number of followers: 36

Most popular video: Ellie lip-syncs a song while talking about her interaction with her mom on mother’s day.

Number of views on the video: 2,273

Bickerstaff, arguably the school’s biggest Tik Tok star — based on the number of views and followers — has even recently scored a product endorsement deal with anti-acne cream, MDacne. “I’m making videos and having fun and recently even made $200,” said Bickerstaff. “All because of a ‘Dance Moms’ scene.”