2020 Begins a New Era of North Atlanta Theatre


Progress & Growth: North Atlanta's theater program makes big shifts

Theatre has always been an important part of North Atlanta culture, especially considering that we used to be a performing arts school. While there is a vast amount of after-school theatre activities for students, there has been a lack of opportunities during the school day. However, next year there will be new classes offered to those who want to further their theatre education. In addition to the theatre fundamentals, acting, and theatre tech classes already offered, next year will introduce new subjects such as musical theatre, dramatic writing for film and television, and a one act play class that will also produce childrens’ theatre. 

The yearly spring musical has been a staple in North Atlanta’s culture for decades, and with the new musical theatre class being offered next year taught by acting teacher Lilliangina Quiñones, students can expand their performance skills even more. In the fall semester, students taking musical theatre will be working on a Disney Jr. musical and during second semester, students will work on the traditional spring musical. However, those unable to take the class are still eligible to participate in the spring musical. Sophomore Eleanor Hodgson is eager to try out the class. “I can’t wait to be in another class with Ms Quiñones,” said Hodgson. “I’m really excited to learn more about musical directing.”

North Atlanta theatre is moving into uncharted territory next year with the addition of the new dramatic writing class, taught by theatre fundamentals teacher Liane LeMaster. The class is designed to hone in on students’ creative capabilities for writing and analyzing scripts, as well as creating showcases, one act plays, and holiday programing to be used by the other theatre classes. Junior Bailey Driver said, “I am interested in the Dramatic Writing course because I’d like to improve my writing and better understand the process of script making.” 

Because of the incredible success of North Atlanta’s first year competing in the regional one act play competition this year, LeMaster will also be teaching a class exclusively for the production of the one act next year. The fall semester of the class will be focused on preparing for the competition and learning some acting skills in the process, while spring semester will be dedicated to putting on a childrens’ theatre show and hopefully getting to perform for local elementary schools. Sophomore Andrew Weeks, who won an award for Best Actor at the competition, said, “This year the one act was so fun, and it’s going to be twice as good now that it’s an actual class.”

Lots of changes are soon to come to North Atlanta’s beloved theatre program, and students involved are more than ready to try out these new classes. Keep your eyes peeled next year for some stellar productions that are bound to entertain and amaze audiences alike, all from North Atlanta’s most talented students.