Heavenly Jalisco’s: A Top Restaurant for Warriors


Fine Dining: Junior Ava Granot is pictured enjoying a fabulous meal at Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant. She is not alone in her love for this great place! Many Dubs can be seen dining out at Jalisco’s any night of the week.

If you ask any of North Atlanta’s students which restaurant around Atlanta is their favorite, an overwhelming amount of responses are bound to be Jalisco’s. Located in the Peachtree Battle shopping center, this little Mexican restaurant is always jam packed with people from all over Buckhead. Whether it’s a group of teenagers chowing down with friends or families getting together to have a sit-down dinner, it is rare to see Jaliscos not booming with business. It’s social atmosphere and grade-A food truly set it apart from other Mexican restaurants in the area. 

Jalisco’s food is a staple in many North Atlanta student’s books. A definite must-have when going to Jalisco’s is its cheese dip. Whether it’s ordered with jalapenos or without, it’s certain that this queso is one of Atlanta’s finest. Another fan favorite is their quesadillas oozing with gooey melted cheese, ready to disappear. A meal at Jalisco’s is not complete without a side of rice and refried beans. These additions really fill out the colorful plate of Jalisco’s. Jalisco’s workers are cherished by all customers for their stellar service. Chips are refilled before the last one leaves the basket and the meals are always served quickly with the phrase “hot plate.” 

Many people who are regulars at Jalisco’s usually order the same meal every time they stop for a bite there. If it’s the cheese quesadilla or the tacos or the enchilada, Jalisco’s never disappoints and you always leave there satisfied. “I come to Jalisco’s at least once a week, and I have never gotten anything besides the chicken soup,” said Isabel Carter. “Jalisco’s has the best one in all of Atlanta.” 

Not only is Jalisco’s a great-tasting restaurant, it doubles as a social arena since it’s so rare to not see one person you know sitting in a booth eating their chips and salsa. It is uncommon to go to Jalisco’s and not see another Warrior or a student from another school in the area already there. At Jalisco’s prime time, the restaurant is bustling with customers, and is especially popular among those who live in Brookwood Hills and Peachtree Battle neighborhoods. “I have been coming to Jalisco’s ever since I was born,” said Ava Granot. “I always seem to see someone I know and it’s fun to see who the mystery person is going to be that day.” 

There’s no question as to why Jalisco’s has the reputation and love it does from Atlantans. It’s flavorful food and lively atmosphere add to a long list of reasons why this restaurant is so cherished by those who eat there. If you’re ever wondering where to go eat on a night out, Jalisco’s should be the next spot you try. You won’t be disappointed.