New Equestrian Team Trots into North Atlanta


North Atlanta welcomes their newest sport, the Equestrian team to the already diverse mix of clubs and organizations offered to students.

North Atlanta offers a wide variety of sports ranging from water polo to football. But many times when people think of sports, horseback riding may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But now on the heels of the successful establishment of a North Atlanta Ping Pong Club – and, yes, you heard that right – we have something equally impressive galloping our way: North Atlanta, saddle up! Meet your new equestrian team.

The equestrian team is something new to North Atlanta and the school’s Athletic Director Andre Regan is fully behind the new project. The team is led by Jessica Milburn and Margaret Gustafson and is composed of nine riders. They have been working to start this team for two years now and all the pieces have finally started coming together. While the team hasn’t officially started riding yet, they have decided to practice at Polo Bear Barn in Vinings.

This team means a lot to those who are a part of it for multiple reasons. “When I was younger, a figure in my life told me that being an equestrian wasn’t a team sport, so this kind of incentivized me to create a team,” said team leader Milburn. “In doing this, I learned a lot about myself. The biggest thing was that even when people tell you can’t do something, it’s still possible.”

Team leaders hit many obstacles in establishing the team. The challenges ranged from financial obstacles to legal issues. Regan said legal concerns – the ones inherent to horseback riding – were the biggest hurdle that got in the way of happy riding. But all obstacles were overcome and the team is now very much off the ground. The team created a Go Fund Me and raised $1,000 by posting the link on their social media accounts. The team also sought funding through the school’s booster club.

By the end of the year, the team wants to be riding and competing. The longer-term hope is that the school has enough participants to support both varsity and junior varsity teams. So if you want to trot, canter or even gallop with the Warriors, rustle yourself up and talk to the captains. And let’s all welcome the Equestrian Warriors: Long may they ride!