What’s In a Name? Warrior Football Players Rocking Their Nicknames


Shemar Williams

The Name Game: For every Warrior football player, there’s likely a catchy team nickname. Pictured are (front, l to r) Mitchell “Sauce” Harris, Matthew “Toshi” Yim (back, l to r) Davis “Diesel” Bell and Ale “Leg” Marin. Shemar Williams

Nicknames. They’re common on all sports teams and the North Atlanta Warrior football team is no exception. Nicknames help players bond, they are memorable and — let’s face it — they just make life more fun, right? Nicknames can reveal your past or just plain bring back good memories. The football team here at North Atlanta is full of players with distinct nicknames that can be heard during practices on Warrior Field or at games wherever the Warriors play.

When a player gets a nickname, whether it comes from a coach or their fellow players, it’s something that just might stick with him throughout his high school years — or beyond. So try these for fun. The Warriors feature seniors Deondre “Juice” Ezzard and Terrian “Turtle” Rainey. And then there’s sophomores Kolton “Corbin” Lambert and Matthew “Toshi” Yim. “I feel like the nicknames really bond us and make us more of a unified team. And, besides, it’s just fun to say ‘Hey, Turtle!’ on a regular basis,” said sophomore Ojo Okoka.

Other team nicknames are Terrell “Rell” Rainey, Justin “Justo” Sanders, Davis “Diesel” Bell, Dominic “DHam” Ham, Nicholas “TNok” Tranakos, Robert “Fat Rob” Crummie, Ale “Leg” Marin, Kaleb “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, Jamie “Vanilla Jelly” Hare, Damon “Hitman” Francis, Jack “Kelly” O’Kelley, Josh “Fufu” Smith, Jaylen “Tubbs” Wright, James “Brew” Brewer, Mitchell “Sauce” Harris, Jamal “Frozone” Clay and Enzo “Zo” Vasallo.

Team chemistry. Team fun. Both are needed in any football season. And nicknames are a big part of that. “They help us to be closer to our teammates,” said sophomore James Brewer. “But I’m still waiting for a cooler nickname. ‘Brew’ is just not cool enough.”

What’s the score for the Warriors? Who’s up who’s down? But here’s a better question: “What’s your nickname?”