The Story Behind The Morning Announcement Voices


Danielle Milburn

The Morning Report: Senior Drew Sheldon reports the morning announcements to start off a typical day.

Most North Atlanta students have had the experience of their first period teacher telling them to close their mouths and listen to the morning announcements, but not many know the voice behind the majority of those announcements. Senior Drew Sheldon has been doing the morning announcements for the last two and a half years. While some people may think that speaking to 2,000 people every morning may be nerve-racking, Sheldon no longer feels the pressure from the task. “When I first started, I was always nervous to read the announcements, but I got over that feeling after a while,” said Sheldon. “Knowing that people can’t see my face as I do it definitely helps.”

One of Sheldon’s favorite things about participating in such a meaningful activity is that he stays in the loop about everything that is happening at North Atlanta. From club meetings to the details of upcoming games, Sheldon is always up-to-date on what’s going on. In the mornings, he receives an email detailing what he needs to say, and Sheldon is responsible for relaying the information to every teacher and student in the school. Having such a big responsibility means that he isn’t able to sleep in one morning and choose to skip first period. Regardless of an excused or unexcused absence, Sheldon must do his best to show up to school every day. If, for some reason, he is unable to come, Sheldon has to wake up early enough to make sure that someone is available to take over the responsibility for the day. Some of his go-to substitutes are senior Danna Garcia and junior Chloe Van Nort.

Many students have been in the position where they’re speaking publicly and accidently make a mistake. Sheldon is no different, but when he botches it, he does so in front of hundreds of people. Sheldon believes his worst experience was when he messed up the Pledge of Allegiance. “It was so embarrassing,” said Sheldon. “I started to sweat and my face got red because how does anyone mess that up?”

Sheldon expressed that even though he does read the announcements, many people are unaware of the fact that he is the one doing it. Even people who know him and his voice don’t always know that he is the one speaking. Sheldon knows that many students don’t pay attention to what is said on the announcements but said he doesn’t take offense when people don’t pay attention. “Before I did the announcements, I never paid attention so I understand that other people don’t,” he said. “But now that I read them, on the rare occasion that i’m the one listening, I make a point to pay attention so I can see how people do it differently than me, even though I can barely hear through all the student chatter.”

Overall, Sheldon has enjoyed being able to participate in something that is so important to the daily functionality of North Atlanta. Many might ignore what he’s saying, but all the same, he said he’s happy to be able to be the first to know the inside scoop on the school.