iPhone 11: Worth the Hype?


New technology: Students debate the IPhone 11

The most popular tech brand among high schoolers by far is Apple, who is notorious for stocking shelves with model after model of new products that often break the bank. The high prices leave many people wondering if all of these products are worth the cost. The most recent product that has warranted some buzz is the iPhone 11. Naturally, some tech-savvy students have already invested in this new item, and are happy to share their opinions on whether are not it is truly worth the hype.

Most of Apple’s advertisements for the iPhone 11 are centered around its new, highly-advanced camera. Boasting a new “wide mode” setting, the new camera is supposedly able to zoom out farther when taking an image to capture a larger crowd or wider landscape. Junior Virginia Moses, proud owner of the new phone enjoys this feature, finding it to be a significant improvement from her old model. “It’s definitely way better than the iPhone 7,” she said. “My favorite feature for sure is the longer battery life though. Look! It’s fourth period and I’m on 87 percent!”

Even Moses admits though, had the new phone not been a birthday gift, she is not sure if she would have bought it on her own. The phone is currently sold starting at $700, with the iPhone 11 Pro going for $1,000. Senior Lilly Nail also recently upgraded to the iPhone 11 from an iPhone 6, and is very happy with the new features as well. Mentioning the much faster speed of the phone, as well as the increased screen space as some of the most notable features in her opinion, she believes that in some cases this new phone could be a great option for an upgrade. “I definitely think it’s worth it since I upgraded from a 6,” she said, “but I wouldn’t upgrade from a 10 though because it’s basically just the same thing with an extra camera.”

This dependence on what model you’re considering upgrading from seems to be a common theme among North Atlanta students when considering whether or not the iPhone 11 is worth the price. Senior Janejha Jones upgraded to the iPhone 11 from an 8, and while some of the new functions took some getting used to, she is happy with her upgrade. To upgrade or not to upgrade? “It all really depends what [type of phone] you’re coming from,” she said. “If you have the XR or the X it’s probably not worth it.”

It seems that this new phone could be a great option for students in need of an upgrade. The new features have received, in general, positive feedback, and are of an apparently very good quality. However, if your old phone is working fine or you have a more recent model, the iPhone 11 may not be a worthy investment. So clout-chasers, unless you really need a new phone, maybe you should spend your money elsewhere.