Student Body President Emily D’achiardi Signs Off


The D'achiardi Family

Senior Sendoff: SGA President Emily D’achiardi reflects on the year and the impacts her leadership has made on North Atlanta.

 Being North Atlanta’s student body president comes with a lot of responsibility regarding student activities and school life at NAHS. This year’s president, Emily D’achiardi is grateful for the opportunities granted by her through SGA during her senior year and hopes to leave an impact on North Atlanta after she’s gone. 

One of the highlights of D’achiardi’s SGA involvement was the walkout for climate change, which students participated in October. She worked together with student government and another senior, Cole Bickerstaff in order to create this event, which required significant planning. This event was recognized by APS and news stations. APS superintendent Meria Carstarphen mentioned the walkout in an open letter to the class of 2020 in which she mentioned how proud she is of the initiative of these students. D’achiardi hoped to use her role as president to create change and “ignite discourse throughout all levels of the local education system”, she said.

As an SGA leader, planning student events, like the climate change rally and homecoming, was a major responsibility for D’achiardi. However, missing the final few months of senior year forced the cancellation of many of these events. One important event that can no longer be held is an end of year film festival fundraiser, which raises money for homecoming the next year and for the club itself. 

Another event that D’achiardi was supposed to be an integral part of was Decision Day. In the past, Decision Day is where the torch is passed to the next student body president. D’achiardi was saddened that she wouldn’t get to close out the year with this final passing of the torch onto next year’s president, Brendan Weinbaum. As for advice for next year’s senior class and SGA leaders, D’achiardi said, “To the class of 2021, it is your duty to not only perpetuate this standard of excellence but to further it, to create a better tomorrow, and nonetheless a better North Atlanta.”

D’achiardi was inspired by the leadership of former presidents Clarke Peeples and Chandler Smith and was prepared to embrace her role as president. She knows that she is leaving the SGA in good hands as she prepares to leave for Reed College next fall. While D’achiardi may be saying goodbye to North Atlanta, the impacts of her time as SGA president will continue to leave a positive mark on the school.