Double Time: Versatile Syre Stewart Shines On Both Sides of the Ball


Dave Quick

Double Sided: North Atlanta senior Syre Stewart made massive contributions to the Dubs this year playing on both offensive and defensive squads as both a wide receiver and a cornerback.

Playing both sides of the ball is never easy for any football player to do. You are constantly playing during the game and have little to no rest besides timeouts and breaks between quarters or halves. North Atlanta has a handful of players that play both offense and defense, and one of the team’s biggest standouts is senior cornerback and wide receiver Syre Stewart. Playing two skilled positions is never an easy task and takes a very talented player like Stewart to play effectively.

Stewart is one of North Atlanta star wide receivers that quarterback Jack O’kelly loves to target on tough third downs and other key plays because he knows his clutch receiver will be there to make the play. Stewart usually is a slot wide receiver but enjoys being a wide out as well because of his ability to make big plays down field. “Being a wide receiver allows me to make that play for the team that can win us a game and that’s something I strive to do anytime I step on the field,” said Stewart

Although Stewart enjoys playing wide receiver, he has found a passion for the game by playing cornerback for our North Atlanta warriors. For the past two years he has played cornerback and has become very skilled at the position. Stewart is always capable of locking down the opponents top wide receiver and making sure the ball stays out of their hands. “The best part about playing both sides of the ball for me is being able to have more opportunities to make plays for the team,” said Stewart

The biggest challenge for Stewart when playing both sides of the ball is conditioning himself for the role that he has to play during the game. Our Warriors battle it out almost every Friday night, week after week, forcing Stewart to play well over 100 snaps a game. He also has to participate in both offensive and defensive practices to ensure that knows the plays and polishes his skills. “I was always up for the challenge but I never knew that it would be this exhausting,” said Stewart. “As soon as I get home after games I pass out immediately.”

Stewart’s father, Kordell Stewart, also helps to push him as he is a part of the Warriors coaching staff. Kordell Stewart was a former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is now the North Atlanta quarterback coach. “Having my dad at practices makes me work even harder cause I know he’s right there watching me and always expects the best out of me,” said Stewart.

Syre Stewart has made a huge impact on North Atlanta’s season this year and his contributions won’t go unnoticed. He will leave a lasting effect on the program and hopefully help young players improve their skills by watching him play.