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2017-2018 Staff

Jack Stenger

Faculty Advisor

Faculty adviser Jack Stenger is in his fourth year as a faculty-level editorial consultant for North Atlanta’s “best and brightest,” the editors and staffers of The Warrior Wire. A University of Georgia and Georgia State...

Anna Day


Anna Day is a senior who serves as the Editor in Chief for the Warrior Wire. She is a captain of the North Atlanta Girls' Lacrosse Team and an active member in National Art Honors Society as well as National Honors Society. She...

Chandler Smith

Managing Editor

Chandler Smith is the Managing Editor for the Warrior Wire. As a senior, he is SGA's student body President and is actively involved in several political campaigns throughout Atlanta. Aside from constantly working on IB work,...

Hollis Midkiff

Managing Editor

Hollis Midkiff is a senior this year at North Atlanta High School and is one of the editors for the newspaper. She loves to write, read, and backpack as well as play tennis. In her free time, Hollis is most likely to be listening ...

Shemar Williams

Managing Editor

Shemar Williams is a senior at North Atlanta High School and a first year Editor for the Warrior Wire. Originally born in New York City, Williams has found himself in Atlanta adapting to the slow lifestyle while soaking up his ...

Wiley Hartley

Staff Writer

Wiley Hartley is a sophomore at NAHS. During school he has a good time sweating out the details of math, journalism and his ELA classes. But in the afternoons, he practices hard as the starting quarterback on the Warrior vars...

Shakay Agasarkisian

Staff Writer

Shakay Agasarkisian is a senior and a first-year writer for the Warrior Wire. She loves writing poetry on random topics, listening to music full blast, and helping others with unsolicited opinions about how students should best ...

Madison Somra

Staff Writer

Madison Somra is a junior at NAHS. This is her second year on the Wire staff and her third year writing for the paper. Aside from writing, she also enjoys photography and editing. Her favorite classes are her language classes, Chine...

Sadie Fitzgerald

Staff Writer

Sadie is a junior at North Atlanta High School and is excited to start her first year writing for the Wire. She enjoys traveling, watching various TV shows recommended to her and spending time with her two dachshunds Margo and Gl...

Bailey Diamond

Staff Writer

Bailey Diamond and is a 10th grader at North Atlanta. She really likes the outdoors, music, cooking and art. She also loves whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, backpacking, and just about anything that could be described using...

Terriunna Washington

Staff Writer

Terriunna Washington is originally from Houston, Texas. She loves to read, write and binge Netflix shows. You can find her hunched over a laptop writing stories for the Warrior Wire!

Dante Bastien

Staff Writer

Dante Bastien, a junior at North Atlanta, is starting his first year on the Warrior Wire. In his free time when he is procrastinating on homework for school, he is either playing soccer with his friends, playing FIFA on his Xbox...

Kate Breeden

Staff Writer

Kate Breeden is a junior and a returning staff member to the Warrior Wire. Kate enjoys reading good books and eating great food. Kate is president of the Creative Writing Club and Book Club, both of which you should join. Catch...

Patrick Hannan

Staff Writer

Patrick Hannan is a junior at North Atlanta High School. Since his freshman year at North Atlanta, he has played on the baseball team. Although baseball is his favorite sport, he has great interest in many other sports like basketball...

Arin Thach-Bun

Staff Writer

Arin Thach-Bun is in 12th grade and new to the newspaper. He describes himself as a quiet person. His hobbies include watching TV, movies, reading, listening to music, and playing video games.

Jack Yanoshik

Staff Writer

Jack Yanoshik is a sophomore at North Atlanta. He enjoys writing, reading and film. He has a passion for history and politics. Additionally, he is on swim team. He also knows two words in arabic and recently learned how to sna...

Nicole Spektor

Staff Writer

Nicole Spektor is a junior at North Atlanta High School and a sophomore staff writer on the Wire. She enjoys exploring different branches of the creative arts, but takes great passion in psychology and philosophical discussions....

Caroline Tuemler

Staff Writer

Caroline Tuemler is a junior and a first-year staff member on The Warrior Wire. She loves to read trashy YA novels, write short stories and play with her adorable, chubby German shepherd, Nymeria. Caroline is a master procrastinator...

Rhiann Ashmore

Staff Writer

Rhiann is a eccentric writer, with a passion for the visual and fine arts. She plans on pursuing a career in journalism, to express her views and educate others through her writing. She is also an active member in the North A...

Maddy Carter

Staff Writer

Maddy Carter is a sophomore is excited to join the Wire staff. In addition to writing, Maddy enjoys dancing and musical theatre. She also loves traveling, especially to Florida.

Olivia Chewning

Staff Writer

Olivia Chewning is a sophomore at North Atlanta this year. She enjoys playing tennis and listening to music. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching Netflix. She hopes to go to Georgia Tech and become a civil...

Lenox Johnson

Staff Writer

Lenox Johnson is a sophomore and second year newspaper staff member. Other than newspaper, she enjoys theatre and playing music. Lenox Johnson is looking forward to another great year at North Atlanta High School!

Grace McCaffrey

Staff Writer

Grace McCaffrey is a sophomore at North Atlanta High School. She is a returning writer on the Warrior Wire Staff and is excited for the upcoming year. She plays soccer at TopHat, and also runs on the North Atlanta cross country...

Mary Grace Ray

Staff Writer

Mary Grace Ray is a sophomore. In addition to writing for the Warrior Wire, she is on the varsity cheer team, varsity golf team and the quiz bowl team. Mary Grace has a special passion due to her journalism interest and since...

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