A Night to Remember: North Atlanta Prom 2022 Recap

Ryan Perry, Virginia Odom

In the words of the well-known song “A Night to Remember” from High School Musical 3, prom is, “Big fun! Alright! It’s gonna be a night, to remember!”. And for North Atlanta students, prom 2022 sure was a night to remember. On Saturday, April 23, North Atlanta students showed out in their best formal attire to attend the Junior-Senior prom. This year’s Hawaiian-themed prom was hosted by the SGA sponsors, teachers Jennifer Page and Jenna Robinson, and took place at the Hotel Midtown’s Grand Ballroom. Students were ecstatic for prom this year, especially since many were robbed of the experience last year.

In the weeks leading up to prom, students began their preparations. They made sure that their outfits were perfectly planned out to match their date, prepared transportation arrangements, and got together to plan after-party events for when the night was over – or at least when North Atlanta said it was over. Announcements as to who was running for prom princess, prom king, and prom queen were made the week of the dance. After a week of students casting votes, the winners were announced at prom. Prom court included Saniah Despinosse as prom princess, Zaire O’Meally as prom king, and Raven Allen as North Atlanta prom queen. Drew Barber and Rahyn Potter took home the win for the best-dressed contest.

When students first walked in and happily lined up to check-in, they were greeted by some of their favorite teachers and staff, including Jenna Robinson, Jonathan Jackson, Jermaine Stephens, and Lee Lundy. From there, the students walked down a flight of stairs to where they could take a picture in front of a green ivy background with neon lights – a photographic keepsake to remember the fabulous evening. Just a few feet away were the doors into the Grand Ballroom where the real party was taking place. There you could find a full buffet, a stand for drinks, and of course the dance floor, where North Atlanta students could be seen jamming out to the tracks played by the DJ and capturing every enjoyable moment. 

While there was no celebrity guest appearance this year, a flame thrower performance kicked off the evening and a senior slideshow was displayed to showcase and celebrate the graduating class of 2022. Some students, myself included, were apprehensive as to how this year’s prom would turn out, as the theme was not the most popular. However it ended up being not just a getaway night to Hawaii. It was also a great way to celebrate as we begin to close out this amazing school year, and the feelings of many students can account for that.

“Prom was a really fun night for me, from the events before it to the actual prom itself,” said junior Camille Evans. “I took a party bus to prom with all of my friends and they all looked great. My date looked amazing and it was really cool to see everyone dressed up and not wearing their typical school clothes. At prom, I did the worm in the dance circle and then went home to see myself all over Snapchat so I’d say it was a successful night for me.”

“This year’s prom will definitely be something that I remember forever,” said senior Drew Barber. “All my friends looked really good (but not better than me of course) and it was really nice to see all my teachers dressed up too. North Atlanta has been good to me these past 4 years and this was a great way to top off the amazing senior year I have had.”

SGA really outdid themselves this year. Even though I will have graduated, I can’t wait to hear about what they have in store for next year. As for this year, North Atlanta students can agree that prom 2022 was definitely a night to remember.