An Unlikely Internet Star: The ‘Capybara’ Rodent Takes Social Media By Storm


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Loveable pet… or rodent that must remain outdoors? We will let you decide. A wild animal has taken the stage on social media, and North Atlanta’s students are finding the fascinating creature all the rage.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen videos of dogs, cats, and other adorable animals circulating the internet. Well, a lesser known viral animal has now grabbed America’s interest… Capybaras. An interesting trend has emerged, and North Atlanta students are not the only online Capybara viewers. People around America have also taken an interest in the Capybara or ‘Capy’, a native animal of Central and South America. A Capybara is essentially a large rodent. In fact, it is the largest rodent in the world. Odd to think that people would be so infatuated with an animal associated with a rat. Sounds disgusting right? Wrong. “I LOVE capybaras,” said sophomore Savannah Ivie.

If you’ve ever seen a Capybara, whether in a photo or in person, you would notice that this creature resembles less of a rodent and more of an overgrown guinea pig. “I don’t really understand the craze, but they’re definitely cute,” said junior Nathan Moss. 

People are not only obsessed with this strange creature’s adorable appearance, but also with its undeniably interesting personality. Capybaras are rather sociable, and you won’t have to dig too deep to find Instagram reels of them cuddling with ducks, turtles, dogs, and other small, fragile animals. They’re very gentle, and even enjoy daily belly rubs, as much as, or even more than your dog at home may. Videos of Capy’s sprinting around, cuddling animals, and posing for the camera irrefutably confirm the reason for recent online animal uproar. “My friends and I send pictures and videos of them back and forth in our group chat,” said sophomore Blair Rubinger.

The Capybara is indeed going viral, and yet the mysteries beind the animal remain largely unshared on social media. The Capy could be described as similar to a hippo, fish, and cow… I know, a strange comparison. They live among grasslands and water, and have the skilled ability to hold their breath underwater for just under 5 minutes! How aquatic of them. Their feet are webbed to support this lifestyle, and they are also known to feed on grass, and, um…poop. That aside, there isn’t a doubt in the mind of the Capy’s obsessed internet fans that these creatures are cute, quirky animals that deserve the rave they are being given. “I wish I could have one as a pet, they look so lovable!” said sophomore Lindsey Phillips.

However, as cute as these crazy Capies may be, they are exotic animals, and do not make clean nor quiet roommates. Their coarse hair, large teeth, and high maintenance diet makes the Capybara an inconvenient pet. It’s in your best interest to leave them… and their rather excitable interests, to their online internet home.