Kanye’s “Donda” vs. Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy”: Which Do Dubs Prefer?


Rap Royalty Goes Head-to-Head: Sophomore Chase Robinson provides a rundown on the Dubs’ opinions on which recent album is better: Kanye’s “Donda” or Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy.”

Kanye West and Drake are two artists who have done incredibly well for themselves over the last decade. Both of them have had many hit songs and albums that have cemented themselves as some of the best musicians in history. In addition to that, their success over the 2010s looks to continue further into the 2020s. This is demonstrated by the recent releases of Kanye’s “Donda” and Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” (otherwise known as “CLB”). Both albums have done exceedingly well in terms of sales, but people have not been able to enjoy both projects independently. Drake and Kanye have been involved in a long-standing feud, and so the public has used this conflict as an opportunity to compare the albums and debate which one is better. Opinions online are mixed when it comes to both works, but how do North Atlanta students feel about them?

Some students feel that Kanye has clearly outclassed Drake in terms of quality. Whether it be because of the creativity displayed in Kanye’s 27 songs on “Donda,” or because of disinterest in Drake’s overdone style showcased in “CLB.” Junior Preston Frazier said, “‘CLB’ is just the same old Drake we’ve heard over and over again. At least “Donda” tries to do something different.”

Other students definitely prefer Drake’s album over Kanye’s. His formula for making music proves more catchy for some than what appears on “Donda.” “I mean, I already like Drake, so it was easy to vibe with the album. Kanye’s was too spiritual for me,” said junior Sa’Hai Adams.

There are also students who don’t care much for which album is better or worse. They either are fine with both, or are waiting for something from a different artist. “I don’t even have a preference. I’m just waiting for Carti to drop ‘Narcissist,’” said junior Derrick Louis.

Whether students prefer “Certified Lover Boy” or “Donda,” the success that both albums and their respective artists have had is undeniable. Millions of people have listened to these artists and their work. There will always be people that vibe heavily with Drake’s music, and there will always be people that can jam out to Kanye’s music. In that aspect, there is no debate.