“Still over It” (or Not?): What’s Our Take on Summer Walker’s New Album

Still Over It: Atlanta native Summer Walker just released her second album. Warriors who are fans of Walker give their opinion on the artists latest addition to her discography.

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Still Over It: Atlanta native Summer Walker just released her second album. Warriors who are fans of Walker give their opinion on the artist’s latest addition to her discography.

For those who don’t know Summer Walker, well — what planet have you been on recently? The 25-year-old native of Atlanta first made a name for herself in 2018 with the release of her mixtape “Last Days of Summer” which spawned the single “Girls Need Love”, featuring pop star Drake. The thoughtful artist followed up that strong release with her debut album “Over It” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Not bad for a rookie, right?

Now, Walkers — both around the world and at North Atlanta — are excited about her second album “Still Over It.” 

That’s right, there’s a second album! “Still Over It” is the fourth album of her career and first of hers to make the most concurrent single-week entries right behind Drake’s “Certified lover boy” album. 

According to Spotify, her song “No Love” featuring SZA is her biggest Spotify debut of all time. On Apple Music, the album was the biggest overall album debut and R&B album debut by a female artist ever. This is all a pretty big deal for Walker, finally getting the recognition she deserves. Now more than ever new listeners are contributing to the growing Walker nation. Even fans at North Atlanta are raving about the new album. Senior Cepeda Kilgore (and yearbook staffer) is ready to offer his thoughts: “The album was good. I don’t really have that many songs that I’ll go back to but toxic and no love,” he said.

Others like junior Deshawn Merritt weren’t as enthused by the album as a whole. He hardly remembers the titles of any songs on it. “I only played one song and still only play one song, the one with Cardi B in it”, he said.

Senior Arlicia Louisville was in a ranking mood when it came to Walker’s new album. The numbers tell it all, the upperclassman feels. “I’d give it a 4, just because of the amount of songs I liked on it,” Louisville said. 

With a higher expectation of the album, dual enrollment senior Kesiye Ogoun didn’t rock with the album as much as he hoped to. He was a little hesitant about some songs and got through listening to the whole album without getting that adrenaline rush he was looking for. “A 5/10 for me, even though it was a let down”, Ogoun said. Not connecting with a song can affect the way someone perceives it and how much they like it. However, it can still be something they’d continue listening to even though the content isn’t something directly affiliated with them. 

Senior Ameera Santos wasn’t able to connect with the songs on Summer Walker’s “Over It” album but still rates it a 10/10. “I think I couldn’t relate to it but it was bomb!..She cooked that up!”, Santos said. Not many people had anything bad to say about this chart topping Summer Walker album “Over It”. The mostly positive responses actually helped this author to appreciate the album more.