Noah George: Dubs’ Tennis Junior Prodigy


Dave Quick

Just serve it: junior Noah George looks to serve up a winning performance for the Dubs ahead of the tournament.

With his mesmerizing power and finesse, junior phenom Noah George scorches his opponents on the tennis court. From the moment he entered North Atlanta’s 11 stories, all eyes have been on George. He held the number one spot for the Dubs throughout his freshman and sophomore years, and he currently holds the number two spot as a veteran varsity leader. His ambitious goals include bringing as many victories as he can to the Dubs and continuing his strong vocal leadership on the court. 

A racquet has been George’s soulmate ever since his parents decided to enroll him into a tennis summer camp at the young age of five. His wonderful experiences at camp and opportunities to play at such a young age helped tennis win him over, and he has not looked back from his pursuit of tennis greatness since. In his youthful elementary school years, George craved rallying the microscopic yellow ball across the net everyday in order to develop his skills. He brought those skills to Sutton Middle School, where he held the number one position for the entirety of his middle school years. George said, “In order to get where I got, it was all about repetition, repetition, and more repetition. Working on my cardio in the gym was also a huge factor. I got started on these things really early.” 

Achieving such greatness at a young age, George was expected to continue that dominance as a Warrior. The prodigy did just that. After a marvelous first impression at tryouts, George was able to cruise all the way to the top of the ranks, and hold the number one title throughout the entirety of his rookie season as a freshman. For most, carrying such hefty responsibilities early on can be a significant challenge, but the pressure did not faze George. George held down the number one spot and saw the most success of any freshman in recent North Atlanta history, but his season unfortunately cut short due to the pandemic. During his sophomore campaign, he picked up right where he left off, however, with an outstanding season at the number one spot. The Dubs’s boys team had a historic quarter finals run during that season, where George’s leadership and stellar play played a major role in the team’s success. Senior tennis player Hemin Bhatt said, “He always fights all the way to the end regardless of the outcome or circumstances, and seeing his constant grit and determination rubbed off on all of us. His victories were instrumental in last year’s run. He is without a doubt the teammate that we all need.” 

Now a junior with more experience under his belt, George plans to rely on his veteran presence to bring leadership to the team. After a historic start to his North Atlanta career, George is ecstatic to have the opportunity to help the Dubs build upon their recent success. Is another year of Dub domination in store? Recent history certainly suggests it. Go Dubs!