HBO’s Euphoria: That Last Ep Was NOT Euphoric


Dennis Racket

Farewell for Now, Euphoria: HBO Max’s hit series ‘Euphoria’ previously aired the final episode of the show until the new season comes out in 2024. While the second season was full of drama and excitement, the Dubs were ultimately left disappointed by the season finale.

The final episode of “Euphoria” left viewers feeling the opposite of euphoric: the anti-phoria finale. The show centers a group of friends facing the trials and tribulations of high school at “East Highland” that is both relatable and far-fetched when compared to the life of a typical Dub. Last week the majority of Americans could be found gathered around their televisions awaiting the Sunday Night Superbowl, in parallel, this following Sunday featured the rest of America gathered around HBO Max with similar levels of excitement for the final episode. 

With anticipation having reached its peak, hopes were at an all time high regarding the events of the episode. When the clock struck nine, viewers lept for their remote, only to be met with a 20-minute “error” screen awaiting their device. This hiccup served as an unfortunate foreshadowing of the night’s events. The end of the previous episode left on a sour note, with viewers awaiting fan favorite Fezco’s arrival at his new love interest Lexi’s, play. However, his arrival was ultimately halted as a drug raid took place in his home. Fans were appalled to witness the death of his younger brother, as well as his own arrest and injury. Fans felt as though Fezco’s ending was rushed in order to support the unnecessary debut of Dominic Fike’s new song in a scene almost as awkward as it was long. 

Despite the let-downs that fans faced throughout the finale, there were a few satisfying highlights to offset their disappointment. Although Lexi’s motives were questionable behind the creation of her play, certain scenes funded the drama that kept fans glued to their screens. For starters, Ethan, AKA the coveted unproblematic character, let his light shine in the best way imaginable through his portrayal of 99.9 percent of the production’s characters. He provided the comical relief that was much needed to juxtapose the heaviness of the episode. The only excusable interruption to Ethan’s perfect performance could be found in the brawl between “best friends” Maddie and Cassie, when they both took the liberty of storming the stage to hash out a long-time feud.

In every drama, there comes a time where good things must come to an end, and bad things must be dealt with in an antagonizing manner. These two things are paralleled respectively by two major goodbyes within the episode. First, father turned criminal, was finally turned in by the boy that once idolized him the most. Second, main character Rue bids a final, tender adieu to her cheating, emotionally manipulative, girlfriend. These goodbyes reflect the mixed emotions of fans as they part with their Sunday night Euphoria tradition until 2024.