Children of Divorce: Gen Z’s Love of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift


Alexis Lubow and Maddox Wade

Swift vs. Styles: Staff writers Alexis Lubow and Maddox Wade delve into the Love Story we know All Too Well between music icons Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, offering up a fresh take on the relationship and renewing a sense of nostalgia in Gen Zers everywhere.

Generation Z’s divorced parents. As the youth of today begin to grow up, the imprints of pop culture from their youth continue to shine through in all stages of their lives. From recycling fashion trends to the “free Britney” movement, Gen Z will continue to live nostalgia at all costs. This rings most true when it comes to our undying love of music icons, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

On Jan. 7, 2013, the pair sat their children down on their infinitely large living room couch to break the news, and, our hearts. It would be an understatement to say we did not handle it All Too Well. Some took sides, while others remained neutral, but one thing remains the same: the support for the stars and the connections between their fandoms is undying. Even though the relationship is “over”, the two seem to be forever intertwined, like Two Ghosts that haunt the music industry. But, was this Illicit Affair truly The 1, or, was it all one big PR stunt?

It’s a Sign of the Times that just as the internet has made it simple to exploit and expose stars who attempt to keep secrets, it has also become an easily accessible way for fans to uncover the truth about the world’s worst PR. Don’t You think that combining the music industry’s Golden children into one giant fanbase is the best, and most captivating, reach for revenue? Like the best type of Love Story, these two artists began their “offline” relationship with public acts of affection, writing about each other in an obviously obvious manner in songs. These blatant ballads are best exemplified through the Swift single: Style

Through the depths of quarantine, fans had 1989 reasons (give or take) To be so Lonely and found a safe distraction through diving back into the obsessions of their childhood loves. Fandoms grew and Twitter boomed, with 5 albums being the combined total of both of our beloved boredom was cured. Not only did fan bases grow,  but the connection between fans did, as well. Social media apps such as Twitter, TikTok, and Tumblr were revived by new users joining with the sole purpose of connecting with those that are just as passionate as them. Not only did stan culture cure quaranti-ago ne boredom, it also provided a sense of camaraderie in a time of isolation. 

Whether our long-lost favorite couple’s love for each other was real or not, our love for them is never going out of Style.