Sports Region Change: New Beginnings for Dubs Athletics


Caroline Edwards

Regions impacting rankings: Next year, the NAHS sports teams will change regions. This will be an advantage to some teams but an obstacle for others.

Sports are an integral part of North Atlanta. Every first Friday of the fall semester is spent at Grady Stadium, cheering on our beloved football team. From August to May, every field, track, court, and trail is full of students practicing their designated sport. But in the coming 2022-2023 school year, our sports team will take on a new challenge: a fresh set of opponents. This coming school year North Atlanta will make the switch from Region 6A to Region 5A. 

This region change will bring new challenges and triumphs to our many sports teams. We will be saying goodbye to teams like Lakeside, Lovejoy, Westlake, and Morrow, and hello to teams like Chamblee, St. Pius, Cross Keys, and Decatur. For some of North Atlanta’s teams, like baseball and soccer, the region change will bring a new level of intensity and competition to their region games. For other teams, like lacrosse, the region change will give them a better chance at bringing home the title of region champs. 

When taking on new opponents this year, the soccer teams, girls’ team especially, will face a more intense and higher level of competition than they have in the past. While our soccer teams play more non-region games (which are typically more competitive) than region games during their season, it is truly the region games that count. Currently, a majority of the region games that the soccer teams play are safe wins, with a generally lower level of competition, apart from a team or two. But in the coming years, the girls’ and boys’ soccer teams will face tougher competition in their region. Teams like Chamblee, St. Pius, and Decatur will intensify North Atlanta’s battle towards a region championship, but they are ready to take on the challenge. “I’m looking forward to the region change next year,” said junior and captain of the boys’ soccer team Brent Shannon. “It will definitely be tougher but I’m excited to face some new competition.”

For our lacrosse teams, the upcoming region change will put them in an advantageous position. Currently, the 6A region is providing some fierce competition for the girls’ and boys’ lacrosse teams. But in the upcoming years, they hope to find more success in their region. For example, the girls’ lacrosse team faced off against Milton, a team that is nationally ranked with 14 state championships. This team is their toughest opponent in the region and a merely impossible team to beat. But next year, North Atlanta will move out of the region and away from teams like Milton, giving our girls’ lacrosse team a much better shot at success. “The region change next year is really promising for our team,” said junior lacrosse player Virginia Brewer. “I’m excited to play against some new teams and hopefully have a very successful season.”

All in all, the region change looks promising and exciting for North Atlanta’s teams. We are all excited to watch the Dubs dominate the new region. Go Dubs!