Gay Straight Alliance Club Aims to Spread Awareness and Build Support for Dubs’ LGBTQ+ Community


Zoe Hall

An Empowering Community: Former VP and current GSA Representative Leon Campagna uses her voice to make a difference in NAHS’ LGBTQ+ community.

There are a lot of unique and special clubs at North Atlanta that each do a lot of wonderful things for our school. One really important club is the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club. The club is full of members that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community here at NAHS. Their mission is to help educate, support, and create a safe space for queer teens in North Atlanta. 

The club President is Cain Scott, a junior who has been in GSA since his freshman year. Cain also happened to authoritize the change of the club’s name from Gay Straight Alliance to Gay Sexuality Alliance. “As club President it’s my job to ensure the club is welcoming and safe for everyone involved,” said Scott.

Since the club’s reopening, Cain has been the only President. The club, however, is now on their second Vice President after their first Vice President stepped down – Leon Campagna. “When I was Vice President I had to make sure that the club always has a plan and never misses a day in case Cain wasn’t available,” said Campagna. “I am also one of the three representatives of the club and it works very well since I’m very extroverted and loud which helps with getting messages across.”

The current Vice President of the club is junior Talon Genter. After Leon stepped down, the club decided to hold a vote for who would become the next Vice President. Talon ended up winning in a majority vote. “I feel like the club is super important for other students to be a part of and you can come and meet other cool people that are from the community,” said Genter. “Even people who identify as straight can come to learn and ask questions to educate themselves.”

There are other members in the club besides the club officials and leaders. This includes sophomore Marin Cochran, who became a member of GSA just this year. However, all members of the club – whether they be President Cain Scott or a regular member like Cochran – can attribute this: the GSA is a really great learning and social opportunity for those who want to get to know more about the LGBTQ+ community.