Buzz Bound: A Crowd of North Seniors Accepted To Georgia Tech


Dennis Racket

The Dubs Sure to Buzz! North Atlanta saw a great number of its senior class admitted to Georgia Tech.

With less than three months of school left, graduation is right around the corner for the class of ‘22. For many students, college is the next chapter in their academic careers. And with the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the top public universities in the nation, being located right here in Atlanta, it’s no surprise that many senior Dubs chose here to apply for a spot. Despite the high competition for early acceptance into the university, numerous NAHS students accomplish it every year. This year is no different, with around 30 percent of the senior applicants gaining admission into Georgia Tech.

As a top-ranking public university known for its outstanding engineering and industrial research components, Georgia Tech is a popular pick for students across the globe. But with an acceptance rate of only 21 percent, competition is fierce. Tech will only choose the top contenders, causing students to work hard throughout their high school career, striving to stand out to admissions officers. “Being in IB shows that you were pushing yourself to grow academically, which gives you an advantage when applying to schools like Tech,” said senior Anna Greer.

While global acceptance rates for GA Tech are low, the acceptance rate for NAHS students at the school was impressive at one third of applicants accepted with the number of accepted students standing at 28. It’s a noteworthy number but not a shocking achievement for the star students here at North Atlanta. With numerous opportunities for rigor and success, it’s no wonder that so many of North Atlanta’s top academic students were a part of the admit numbers. “IB DP and AP Calc were a lot but they definitely looked great on my application,” said senior Ellie Aferiat.

Many of these students began planning for their next four years at Georgia Tech right when they saw the congratulatory words of acceptance in their admissions portal. For others, just being accepted into this prestigious school is enough of an accomplishment. Although some of these students might be Yellow Jackets instead of Dubs next year, their Warrior spirit and determination will continue to live on throughout their college years.