Senior Send Off: What’s Next for Three Baseball Warriors? 


Black Cobra Media

Diamond Dubs: Seniors Zach Turner, Chase Boines and (far right) Devon Alleyne have led the Warriors this year both in terms of production, on-field play and leadership. They are joined here with teammate junior Greg Harris (third from left).

North Atlanta’s baseball season ended in a hard-fought series loss against a formidable Effingham County team, but the Diamond Dubs electrifying plays and contagious atmosphere captivated the school’s attention for the entirety of the season. While it’s clear the Dubs will be back and destined for a deep playoff run, the team will be without star-studded seniors Chace Boines, Devon Alleyne and Zach Turner. Between the three APS All-Region members, the hot corner and outfield grass were always covered. The only thing that could outshine their defensive prowess, was their production at the plate. Boines, Alleyne, and Turner combined to hit an astounding .350 from the plate with 135 hits and 14 home runs over the time at North Atlanta. 

The trio certainly left their mark on North Atlanta baseball. Whether it was Alleyne’s first home run against the infamous Westminster Wildcats – which was capped off by an epic bat-flip! –or Turner’s gold-glove caliber defense, the team was better with them on the field. While the three won’t be bearing the black, silver, and white pinstripes again, leaving North Atlanta is not the end of the young stars’ playing time. Turner has committed to the University of Augusta to further his academic and playing career. Boines also committed to play ball at the collegiate level at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) in Tifton. For Alleyne his next step is a little different. “Post-graduation I’m taking my talents to Georgia Premiere Academy,” a prestigious baseball program known for bolstering player’s draft stock. “It’s my next step toward the next level. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the game anytime soon,” the star outfielder said. 

The accolades and on-field accomplishments for Boines, Alleyne and Turner speak for themselves but it was their impact on the sophomore players, junior players, and the North Atlanta program as a whole that truly elevated their North Atlanta legacy. They knew that it was the stuff between innings, in the dugout, and after games that had the biggest influence on the team. For Turner, his natural sense of leadership and contagious energy was a real motivating factor for the team. Boines, it was his ability to act as both an example and a mentor for younger players. “For me, it was junior Jonathan French. Getting to take the field and play with him made me a better player and leader,” he said. “I truly believed he helped me as much as I helped him.”

It is not often, a person can give back to a place that has given them so much. While diving catches and home runs help, Alleyne, Boines, and Turner have given everything they have as a member of the Dubs. They are a true embodiment of the warriors and dawned the sword and shield as well as anybody. As everybody in the North Atlanta baseball community says thank you and good luck to them, the trio wanted to return the favor. 

Devon Alleyne (CF/SP): “Remember, only look down on someone to pick them up. Thank you North Atlanta and NAHS Baseball. Number Five, Out.”

Chace Boines (OF/3B/SS): “Words can not describe what North Atlanta baseball has done for me. Thank you for everything and go Dubs!”

Zach Turner (3B/1B/OF): “All the support from everybody makes the highs that much higher and the lows not nearly as bad. Thank you for everything North Atlanta.”

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