13 Straight Years: Hemin Bhatt Is North Atlanta’s Attendance Ironman


Natasha Havey

No Days Off: North Atlanta senior Hemin Bhatt has not missed one day of school from kindergarten up to his current senior year. All told, across 13 years, it’s been a whopping succession of 2,340 days of perfect attendance.

What seems like an impossible and improbable occurrence of never having missed a day of school since kindergarten all the way to being a senior in high school has really happened. While to most that seems impossible due to illness, vacation and other various reasons North Atlanta senior Hemin Bhatt has truly beaten the odds, and has been present for every day of school since kindergarten all the way through this school year, his last year of high school.

What is an incredible achievement for Bhatt is something that many students would not strive for. Yet, all students respect and are in awe of his achievement. The man himself even marvels at the fortitude of his younger selves. Was it worth it? The fact that he had no days where he just bagged it and stayed home comfy in bed? “No, probably not, but every year I figured: ‘You’ve gotten this far, you might as well forge on,’” he said. 

That answer is surprising to some of his friends, those who figured that the school’s Lou Gerhig of attendance never had any moments of hesitation or second thoughts about missing. “How did he not give into human nature?” it might be asked. Who among us doesn’t wish they had taken a few more relaxing days at home over the years? And what about the pitfalls associated with a senior year? After all, senioritis is running rampant among members of the Class of 2022. Can even Bhatt not fall prey to its seductions and whisperings to “Stay Home!” “It’s been hard as of late as I might only have one class I really need to be at, but still I just come to school to avoid missing work and keep the streak,” he said.

His Class of 2022 peers are in awe of their peer’s stunning accomplishment. Senior Cooper Burke is one who said he gives a major tip of the hat to his sturdy class cohort colleague. “I didn’t even know about Hemin holding this record since kindergarten. That’s absurd that he hasn’t missed a day for over 12 years, and even Cal Ripken wouldn’t come close,” Burke said. 

What’s apparent is that Bhatt is clearly wired differently than many of his Gen Z counterparts. Equipped with a stellar resume, a near 100 cumulative GPA – and his noteworthy attendance streak – Bhatt is bound for the University of Georgia in the fall where he plans to major in business. His impressive streak started in fall 2009 when he was a kindergartner and has carried on – for 180 school days across 13 years – since he was 5 up to his current age of 18. All told – just doing the math here – he has been present for a whopping succession of 2,340  days. “On paper, I’ll concede it sounds a little crazy,” he said. “Someone once said that 90 percent of success in life is just showing up and I guess I’ve gotten pretty good at that.”  

On account of Bhatt’s hard work of managing academics, cross country, and tennis, he’s well on his way to advanced achievement at the state’s flagship university. In the course of any student’s academic journey there are many variables. But for Hemin Bhatt this variable was always tried and true: North Atlanta’s very own attendance iron man always showed up for school.