Seniors Spill: Top Tips That The Class of 2023 Needs to Know


Ella Kaufman and Mathew Maiellaro

Elder Wisdom: Seniors are on the cusp of leaving North Atlanta so they might know a thing or two about how to navigate the whole high school journey. Members of the Class of 2022 are ready to share what they know with their rising senior counterparts. Seniors shown are (top row l to r): Carl Alexander, Anna Yoder, Douglas Dumont and Sarah Warren. Bottom row: Curran Mitra, Lilia Bohtinsky, Hemin Bhatt and Caroline Newbern.

It’s that time of year: Seniors are preparing to graduate and head to college, and soon, North Atlanta juniors will take their place at the top of the heap. In light of Covid, our school’s class of 2023 spent the last quarter of their freshman year and the entirety of their sophomore year doing virtual learning. Their junior year was these Dubs’ first full year in the 11 stories, and for many, the rapidly approaching senior year is full of unknowns. Well, look no further to ease your anxiety. We have compiled a list of the top tips that our graduating seniors have for their fellow upperclassmen, from tackling college applications to enjoying your last year before graduation.

College Applications:

  • The Essays: 

“Start brainstorming what makes you unique during the summer, and check out the Common Application Prompts to get a head start on your personal statement. It truly never hurts to start thinking about how you can craft your narrative.” – Carl Alexander

“Try to make a metaphor with your essays. It sounds silly, but college admissions officers like stories that stand out and are unique, and relating a random moment of your life to a bigger concept is always a great way to grab their attention.” – Lilia Bohtinsky 

“Some essays ask about you, and some ask about what you have done to show who you are. Be silly, show the admissions committee why you stand out from the crowd, and make a story out of your personality. – Caroline Newbern

  • Teacher Recommendations: 

”It’s never too early to talk to teachers you’ve developed a close relationship with about writing you a recommendation letter. Make sure the teachers you choose know who you are as a person and not just who you are on paper.” – Wyatt Alred

“Ideally, your teacher recommendations should distinguish your character and persona beyond the stats. Give your teachers examples of who you are throughout your time in their class, and your recommendations will represent what they know about you.” – Hemin Bhatt

  • Application Tips: 

“Consider all of your options- do you prefer in-state, what do your financial packages look like, what school is best for your major? The school you end up loving could be unexpected.” – Davis Maxey 

“Apply to scholarships and look for opportunities to distinguish yourself through a niche you have. Do you write poems, or are you an athlete? There is literally a scholarship for everything.” – Douglas Dumont

“Carefully consider what your future looks like, and keep the bigger picture in mind. Oftentimes, you can have multiple excellent options for your undergraduate education, so don’t feel too much pressure to pick a school solely based on its name or popularity.” – Curran Mitra 

Time Management: 

“Put. your. Phone. Down. There is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done when you’re scrolling on TikTok. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.” – Anna Yoder

“It is crucial to manage your deadlines- keep a master list of deadlines for college applications, IAs, etc. Stay on top of things and you will have more time to enjoy your Senior year, plus you will be happier and less stressed. It’s a win, win.” – Curran Mitra 

Social Life: 

“Go as much as you can to senior night activities… Football games, basketball games, prom, art shows, you name it. You may not always feel like it, but it’s your last high school experience at these events and it’s not something you want to miss out on when you look back.” – Sarah Warren

Enjoy the final year with the people in your grade. Soon, you will all be committing to college in different places and getting ready to live separate lives. Have fun with the time you have left at NAHS! – Libby Zufi 

Free Time:

“Senior year can be a super stressful time, so remember to hang out with your family and friends and do all the things that you love. The year will fly by and you’ll be sad you missed the simple moments at home when you’re off at college.” – Danielle Dollar 

“Pick up new hobbies, and keep the old. Go for a hot girl walk, clean your room when you can. Give yourself time to decompress so you can start each day with energy.” – Maya Curnow

“Let yourself relax sometimes. It’s so easy to be stressed when you are caught up with work and responsibilities. Remember that you are most efficient when you can think clearly and rationally.” – Maggie Lyon

Well, our NAHS seniors certainly know their stuff. We hope that their wise words could help prepare our rising senior class of 2023 for the fun that awaits them. Take these tips and be the best Dub you can be in 2023. Go Dubs and good luck!