Dancing Her Way Through NAHS History: The Beloved Ms. Irving


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Dance Teacher Extraordinaire: North Atlanta bids farewell to a beloved dance icon and alumnus, Ms. Tamara Irving, who revolutionized the NAHS dance department during her exceptional 12 year teaching career.

North Atlanta High School is widely known for its arts, athletics, and advanced academic programs, however, there is an additional program that is equally as amazing and important to the livelihood of North Atlanta: The North Atlanta dance program. And behind any exceptional program is an even more exceptional leader. Within the North Atlanta dance program, this superstar educator is Ms. Tamara Irving.  

The art of dance is no stranger to Irving, who has pursued her passion for dance since she was a young child. At the age of three, Irving was gliding around the corners and sashaying across the pristine floor of her Atlanta dance studio. Irving’s love for dance continued into middle and high school, where she combined her artistic and scholastic pursuits. As a student, not only did Irving excel in the dance program, but was also a part of the cheer team and SGA, and even led the school as Miss North Atlanta. After leaving NAHS, Irving continued her dance education at the Center for the Arts with a major in dance. 

In the midst of her professional career, Irving revisited her high school “glory days” at NAHS as a guest choreographer for the upcoming Lion King performance. After exemplifying characteristics of an exceptional educator, Irving was offered a position as a dance teacher for the North Atlanta Warriors. “I fell into the teaching role by chance, but grew to truly love and appreciate the position,” said Irving. 

Over the next twelve years, Irving strove to share her knowledge of dancing and dynamic performance experience to the next generation of dancers. “Ms. Irving truly allowed me to express my creative talents and expand my interest in education at North Atlanta,” said junior Zahvier Pompey. “Her classroom was truly a home away from home for anyone and everyone who shared Ms. Irving’s undying love for dance.”

Although the stand-out educator is saddened by the reality of leaving behind students that she has deeply influenced, Irving is excited to embark on the next chapter of her life and artistic career. The creative has started an educational consulting business, TMI Design and Consulting, where she hopes to spread her knowledge of dance and art on a larger platform. “I love organizing and planning artistic experiences, so I can’t wait to see what’s next for me,” said Irving. “Despite my decision to move forward with my career, the memories and experiences that North Atlanta holds have undoubtedly influenced the trajectory of my professional life.” 

While North Atlanta is sad to see their beloved dance teacher expand her horizons, we are equally as excited to see where her new endeavors will lead her. Let’s celebrate Ms. Irving for her new beginnings, and remember: once a Dub, always a Dub.