Dubs Declare Future Plans in School-Wide Decision Day

NAHS 2022 Decision Day was a spectacular success. 30 Dubs in our class of ’22 will be attending The University of Georgia this fall, among numerous other college commitments.

As the 2021-22 school year winds down, the soon-to-be graduates of North Atlanta celebrated their college commitments with the annual Decision Day. This celebration of achievement culminated years of hard work and dedication to academic and athletic pursuits. The 2022 Dubs are officially looking ahead as they commit to an array of exciting futures, and we are more than happy to celebrate with them. 

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the College and Career Center and the PTSA, over 200 students could showcase their post-graduation plans, whether they are serving our country in the military, entering the workforce, or attending college. The Dubs are well represented in schools all across the nation, from Cornell University in New York, the University of Colorado in the stunning college town of Boulder, or right here in our backyard at Georgia Tech and UGA. 

While Decision Day is widely celebrated throughout the country, North Atlanta undoubtedly does it best. The recognition by friends and family is a culmination of hard work, determination, and a little bit (…or a lot) of stress. Whether you are one of the 30 kids heading to Athens, or are trading in the silver and black for yellow and purple in Baton Rouge, the celebration is only a glimpse of what is to come. “You don’t truly appreciate something until it comes to an end. That’s how I feel about being a Dub. Nevertheless, I am excited to start my next chapter in Columbia,” said senior Chista Shulz who will be majoring in broadcast journalism next fall at the University of South Carolina. 

Seniors will be storing their backpacks and binders and putting on their caps and gowns next week, but it is just a short two months until they find themselves back in a classroom. “It’s the end of an era,” said senior and rising freshman at Indiana University Davis Maxey. “I am excited to have a new place to call home, but it is truly bittersweet to leave a place like North Atlanta and start a new path.”

Decision day is just one of the many stepping stones in one’s senior year, but it is also the beginning of a new and exciting life. A once-distant future is now a reality that is quickly closing in on the class of 2022. The celebration of college decisions is a special day for all seniors, but it also means a change in seniority. The seniors have created their own paths, leaving the junior class to fill in their shoes. While it is a seemingly impossible task to emulate the success of the class of ‘22, it is up to future seniors to live up to the bar that this class has so definitely set. 

Not only was Wednesday a day of celebration, but a day for goodbyes. Familiar faces go to different places, but North Atlanta will always remain a valued part of their connections. Congratulations to the class of 2022 and Go Dubs!