Warriors Take on the World: Summer 2022 Warrior Travel Program


Seniors Olivia Roth and Addie Nash take on Dresden, Germany while on the Worldly Warrior Travel Program trip to Europe.

Big things happened this summer: new blockbuster movies were released, a heatwave hit America, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up, Shakira was accused of tax fraud, and more. Of all these happenings, the most prevalent was the major travel craze. After two years of COVID-19 restricting travel, many people were ready to get back out into the world again. Our very own North Atlanta students were able to travel the globe this summer through the “Worldly Warrior Global Travel Program”. 

A group of NAHS students took advantage of this program, traveling across the pond on a tour of Europe, visiting Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The group ventured to many historic places such as the Berlin Wall, Auschwitz, the Budapest thermal pools, Checkpoint Charlie, and more. Local tour guides showed them around every city they visited. Each day was a balance of educational tours and free time to walk around the cities and embrace the culture. “This trip was unforgettable,” said senior Olivia Roth. “My favorite memory from the trip was sprinting through the rain with my friends so we could make it back to our hotel in Krakow before curfew.”

A second group of students took a two-week jaunt to Italy and Greece. The group toured many Ancient Greek and Roman Empire sites such as the Parthenon and Vatican City. The Worldy Warriors went to various cities in both countries. To get between cities, the travelers took buses, boats, and even a 25-hour ferry ride from Florence, Italy to Meteora, Greece. Beyond the travel experience itself, many students made long-lasting friendships and incredible memories. “By the end of the trip, our group had become very close,” said junior Sophia Mosso. “I began the trip knowing no one and came home with new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.”

Most teachers only chaperone local field trips, but at North Atlanta, our teachers take chaperoning international. Dr. Deanna Hasty, North Atlanta’s most revered AP Language teacher, is in charge of all things Worldly Warrior Travel program. As a chaperone and the head of the program, Hasty’s main responsibilities include making sure kids get to their destinations safely, fixing schedule changes, working with the tour guides, and keeping the parents in the loop even from thousands of miles (and multiple time zones) away. She is thrilled to have been able to bring the opportunity to travel to North Atlanta students. “Traveling changes kids’ lives,” said Dr. Hasty. “Not only does it change their perspective on the entire world but it’s also a completely different experience when you go with a group and not your parents.” 

Although this summer (and these trips) have sadly come to an end, multiple 2023 trips await eager student travelers. Spring Break in Ecuador, Summer in Paris and Rome, and even Summer in Costa Rica, are all planned and ready. Who knows where in the world the Warriors will head to next?