Last Ones Left: Youngest Siblings Embark on Life as Seniors at NAHS


Lydia Scott

Sibling Separation: Youngest dubs are (finally!) embarking on their senior year! But just how well are they faring the trials and tribulations of the 11 stories without their older siblings in sight?

The beginning of the school year! Chock full of new friends, interesting classes, and… bittersweet ends? As the Class of 2022— the newly-deemed North Atlanta alumni— prepare to move into college dorms and explore unfamiliar campuses, it’s no surprise that the students who’ve returned to the 11 stories for the their final year are feeling their absences heavily, particularly the siblings of those very graduates.

Out of an impressive 508 students, several members of the Class of 2022 have left behind younger siblings who are now ready to embark on a senior year journey of their own design. And while some are eager to take a trek in their older sibling’s shoes and experience the thrills and privileges of graduation, others are more hesitant to walk across the big stage and into adulthood. “Admittedly, I’m a little scared to graduate because she’s warned me that it’s a stressful period,” said senior Olivia Lytle, sister of NAHS Alumni Grace Lytle. “But at the same time, I’m also really excited to experience college life, because it looks like she’s having an amazing time and I want to experience it for myself on a path that I feel is right for me.”

Being fairly close in age, it’s no surprise that the sibling pairs would become accustomed to frequent sightings within the eleven stories. So, for the remaining siblings left at NAHS, they are now experiencing the unfamiliar feelings of walking the grounds without a familial shoulder to lean on. Senior Dylan Walker, brother to NAHS Alumni Brooke Walker, recollects fond memories of the times he spent with his sister at North Atlanta. “We would always laugh when we passed each other in the hallways, even though there was nothing really funny about it,” said Walker. “Now, I really miss doing all sorts of quirky sibling interviews for The Warrior Wire and sibling photos for Invictus.”

But thankfully, it’s not all melancholic reminiscence and nostalgia. Several alumni, eager for their soon-to-be-graduates siblings to explore the nuances of senior year, have offered some sensible advice to get them through the finish line. Senior Lucy Marin shared some tips she received from her older siblings over the years. “They reminded me to enjoy every little moment of high school, especially the excitement of my senior year,” said Marin. “They told me that it goes by fast, and that I should appreciate the time I have with my friends before we’ve all gone our separate ways.”

True words of wisdom! Even though they’ve graduated, it’s obvious that North Atlanta Alumni are still making an impact on Warrior culture. And even after the last sibling left collects their diploma and snaps a photo with the administration on the big stage come May, one thing will remain undoubtedly true: Once a family of dubs, always a family of dubs!