Dubs Chow Down: Exploring the Diversity of Warrior Cuisine


Taylor So

Forks Up: Sophomores Reagan Lerner and Carolyn Jahn flash a smile, ready to dig into their freshly-made lunches of the day! Let’s explore the diversity of NAHS cuisine with an inside look into lunch culture inside of the eleven stories.

Doors swing open as the sound of clamoring feet echo throughout the hallways, interrupting the once serene campus of North Atlanta. The school bell blasts through the intercom, indicating the end of second period, and with it, the beginning of the best period of the day: lunch. Lunch bags unzip while one question remains: What cuisine are dubs bringing on the daily to refuel for the remainder of their school day?

Some warriors, like freshman Michelle Baek, experience the luxury of a packed lunch, carefully crafted the evening before by a caring parent. On a daily basis, Baek’s lunchbox is stocked with popcorn, a form of protein (usually chicken), and her favorite food, applesauce. As a brand new high schooler, she finds herself challenged to consistently pack a nutritious and delicious lunch during the rushed early mornings. “I just throw things I find appetizing into my bag,” said Baek, “It might not be the healthiest lunch, but I’m in such a rush I couldn’t care less about my diet.”

And yet, there exists a handful of warriors who adhere to a meticulous weekly lunch schedule, complete with anything from a top-notch drink selection to a tasty dessert. Sophomore Reagan Lerner brings fruits and vegetables paired with a homemade meal each day without fail. She balances hours of homework and studying with lunch preparation each weekend. “I have an elaborate weekly system. Sunday nights are the only nights you can catch me cooking,” said Lerner. “I make my A day and B day lunches for the week and call it a day. One of my go-to’s is pasta salad, and it always hits after math class.”

Unlike Lerner, several students don’t have the threshold to prepare eccentric or time-consuming meals each week. One being sophomore Graham Bauer, who plays for North Atlanta’s tennis team and buys a variety of pre-made components for his lunch routine. His lunch contains a variety of protein bars, protein shakes, salads, and the occasional bag of chips to snack on during class. “It takes me five minutes -at most- to pack my lunch the night before,” said Bauer. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my lunch, but I just don’t know how people spend so long packing a meal that takes less than ten minutes to eat.”

While it is a common trend for students to bring their own lunches to school, the variety of meals that enter the lunchroom each day remains diverse. Whether they are eager to get out of class or longing to satisfy their hunger, lunch always seems to be the end solution. As the cafeteria buzzes with conversation, it is filled with countless personalized assortments of food, allowing students to truly enjoy a taste of North Atlanta.