Music Midtown Cancelation Puts Festival Fans in a Frenzy


Festival Reminiscing: Piedmont Park crowded with teenagers and North Atlanta Warriors at last year’s Music Midtown, a sight that will be nothing but a memory until further notice.

At the beginning of each school year, North Atlanta students start their routine of searching for festival outfits, learning lineups, and perfecting their plans for everyone’s favorite music event of the year: Music Midtown. Music Midtown has drawn an adoring audience almost every year since 1994. However, this year, enthusiastic attendees were greatly disappointed to find the festival had been canceled. Although Live Nation- the organizer of Music Midtown- avoided giving a reason for the seemingly sudden cancellation, it has since been widely accepted that the decision is a consequence of current gun laws in the state of Georgia. 

This dilemma stems back to eight years ago when the “Safe Carry Protection Act” was passed in the state. This law widened the extent of places guns are legally allowed, including public-owned spaces such as Piedmont Park, but had no legal parameters for private events taking place on public property- such as Music Midtown. However, this changed in 2019 when regulations were revised to clarify that groups with short-term leases on a public-owned property could not legally ban guns. Meaning Music Midtown- having a short-term lease on Piedmont Park- is legally required to allow firearms at their event. “I would definitely not feel as safe knowing there were no regulations on guns,” said junior Grace Nyberg. “It’s not the safest atmosphere in the first place, so this just adds to the danger.”

Many performers do not feel as safe without the continuation of past regulations on firearms at the festival as well. Several refuse to perform at events with open admittance of firearms, thus limiting Music Midtown’s range of performances. “If lots of the big-name artists don’t perform, that would definitely contribute to my decision of whether or not I go,” said senior Liza Fagin. “But at the same time, the atmosphere itself is a big part of the appeal, so I wouldn’t say it would make or break my decision.”

The cancellation of the biggest Atlanta music event of the year is proving to be a massive letdown for North Atlanta students. The occasion is the highlight of the fall for many teens, so the cancellation of these exciting plans has filled Atlantan teens with disappointment. “Music Midtown is something high schoolers look forward to each year because it’s a fun break from school,” said junior Anna Samuelson. “Music can be an escape for people, so everyone is sad that it’s been canceled.”

In the years to come, Piedmont Park may no longer be the home to the three-day music craze. The reality of the event might even be something completely new. Atlantans and music enthusiasts everywhere – including our own North Atlanta festival fanatics – are hoping and praying for the continuation of the best music in Midtown.