Times of Uncertainty… or Maybe Not: Will Monkeypox be the Next COVID-19?


After a much needed taste of normalcy, a new virus has begun to spread and it’s called monkeypox. Remembering what happened with COVID-19, will this prove to be a repeat?

March 13, 2020 is a date that will never be forgotten in North Atlanta High School. There marks the date where everyone was kicked out the building, marking the start of the online learning era. The culprit of all of this, was none other than the dreadful COVID-19. The spread of this virus led to a lockdown in not only schools, but countries around the world. For over a year, the previous way the world functioned had been unrecognizable. Thankfully, while the virus is still around, the threat it poses has become much less urgent and things are largely back to normal.

However, just after exiting one pandemic, the possibility of another virus to cause disruption has entered. This comes in the form of what’s commonly known as monkeypox. The outbreak of this virus was confirmed in May of this year. People that catch it are prone to rashes that have reportedly appeared on hands, feet, chest, face, and other areas. That doesn’t include the flu-like symptoms that also come with the virus. The initial cluster of cases  were seen in the United Kingdom, but it has now spread to a number of other countries, including America. Will this be a serious issue to worry about considering the wellbeing of North Atlanta?

Some students think that there’s nothing to be concerned with when it comes to monkeypox. While present in the US, the total number of cases in the country is under 12,000 and just above 600 in Georgia. “There’s only like a few thousand cases. So, I think we’re chilling,” said senior Jasmine Bean.

Other students are taking the virus more seriously as a threat. Given the pictures seen online, which show unflattering pimple-like sores that remain for days and even weeks, it makes sense. “I was already staying safe because of COVID, but now I gotta stay extra safe,” said senior Angel Igna.

Then, there are the students that just want to make sure they don’t allow themselves to fall victim. That’s all that matters. “I don’t care what happens. I’m just making sure I don’t catch it,” said senior Joshua Goode.

Whether Monkeypox proves to become a bigger issue within America and the world as COVID-19 did, it’s just good protocol in general to stay safe. Right now, hand sanitizer, soap, and hot water is man’s best friend. As long as preventative measures continue to be taken as they have been with the previous outbreak, this outbreak hopefully can be kept under control and school can stay in-person.