A Preview Into the Post-NAHS Life: North Atlanta’s Annual College and Career Fair


Career Fair Ready: What could be better than pizza and making life decisions? For junior Serenity Harris, not much.

In the words of the great Young MC, “If you want it, you got it…so bust a move.” Take these words into consideration and move on down to North Atlanta’s annual College and Career Fair. Taking place on August 26th, 2022 in the NAHS gymnasium, this will be a can’t-miss event for juniors and seniors alike.

With over 130 colleges attending this annual event, there are options for everyone. If you’re looking to go up North to the highly-selective Ivies, you’re in luck. Top HBCUs will also be in attendance, a plus for those who are looking to be part of a sorority or fraternity in the Divine Nine. If a private school is for you, they’ll have that too. Want to serve our country? Military academies are at attention trying to get yours. Are you a football fan? There will be SEC schools aplenty for those who love to show their spirit in the student section stands. Many students believed that last year’s vast number of schools in attendance was beneficial. “Was it overwhelming? Yes,” said senior Will Langley. “But was it a good chance to interact with colleges? Also yes.”

If having these extensive choices at your fingertips isn’t convincing enough to attend, there will also be incentives offered. Some colleges and universities take into account the interest that a student shows. Getting your name on their list at this year’s fair could potentially boost your chances of getting in. You can also join in on the fun opportunities presented to students at the fair. Channel your inner old lady with the college fair BINGO, and if you are the first person to complete your card, you just might win a prize. Even better, the popular restaurant Chick-Fil-A is offering scholarship opportunities to those who attend the fair. There is just so much to gain and nothing to lose by attending the fair. “One of last year’s prizes was a chicken sandwich,” said college advisor Layne Anderson. “And everyone loves free food!”

To get the most out of this year’s event, our amazing college advisors Layne Anderson and Chantel Coleman suggest that you come with questions. If you want to know something about a college, this is the place to ask. Three sessions of the fair will take place. From nine to ten, NAHS juniors will visit the fair. From ten to eleven, seniors will have their turn. And finally, from eleven to twelve, other Atlanta Public Schools can experience the greatness that is the North Atlanta Annual College and Career Fair. They’ll have whatever your academic heart desires, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity to fulfill those desires while also filling up your college list.