Xaden Benson: Heart of the Matter


Xaden Benson, Junior 

Team: Warriors Football 

Position: safety + some wide receiver

Pro and college team he follows: Falcons, Alabama 

Best part of playing with his teammates / representing his school: “Of course we love the fan support we all get. And Friday Night Lights is special when we’re playing in front of our rowdy student section. Everyone here takes so much pride in backing our team. That’s what makes it so exciting to wear the silver and black.”

Biggest playing highlight: “There was that pick-six I had in our win against Therrell. It was all on live TV and there was so much adrenaline in the moment. I felt like the king of the world.”

Key hype song before games: “Dreams and Nightmares” (Meek Mill) / “They say ‘marry the game’ and I say ‘I do.’”

What he thinks of his team’s prospects: “These are a great group of guys. We all love and support each other. We’ve had some setbacks like all teams do. But there’s great chemistry between us and we feel like we’re really going to make some noise together this year.”  

Funny quote from a Warrior coach: “The hay is in the barn” – head coach Jamie Aull (Means that coach believes the team is ready for what it’s soon to be up against.)