Planning for the Future: Senior Dubs Show Out at the First Round of Posse Scholarship Interviews


Delia Neufeld

Stellar Semi-Finalist: Senior Matan Berg is one of the many NAHS students who made it to the second round of the Posse Scholarship application process.

Every year, the next move for many of North Atlanta’s seniors is higher education. Many of the Dubs opt to go to in-state schools and are awarded the Hope and Zell Miller Scholarships. Others decide that technical school or two-year colleges are the places for them. Some of North Atlanta’s spectacular seniors even dream of going to an out-of-state university and experiencing life in a new place. However, the price tag on these schools is enough to turn many potential applicants away. These future grads have begun to search for scholarships so that out-of-state college doesn’t become a pipe dream. 

One of the most popular and prestigious scholarships that the Dubs try their hands at is the Posse Foundation Scholarship. The Posse Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship that can be used at a group of six out-of-state colleges, including Boston University and George Washington University. To become a Posse Scholar, you need to demonstrate academic potential and leadership skills, as well as the ability to bring diversity to a group. Many North Atlanta seniors received counselor nominations for the Posse Scholarship this year and comprised a large part of the group at the first round interview session. “It was really fun to talk to everyone and it’s super cool that a lot of North Atlanta kids are candidates for the scholarship,” said senior Zane Jones. 

One of the unique aspects of the Posse Scholarship is the application process itself. The purpose of the Posse Application process is to look at students holistically and prepare them to be valuable members of the Posse group at the school they go to. Posse wants students to be able to engage in discussions and be passionate about what they are learning. The first round of the Posse scholarship leads students through team-building activities and gives them time to meet the other scholarship candidates. “The first round was packed with a variety of activities, including skits, discussions, Lego building, and an essay,” said Senior Matan Berg. 

However, the Posse process does not end after the first round of interviews. There is a second round of individual interviews with the candidates so that the Posse foundation can get to know them as students and learn how they work in a community. The third and final round allows the selected candidates to learn more about the schools where they could potentially earn the scholarship. Many North Atlanta Posse candidates recently learned that they have been asked back to the second round of the application process, including Senior Juliet Joyce. “I’m so thankful I was nominated,” said Joyce. “I had a really great time getting to talk to so many different people. It was a really great experience for me and I am so glad to be a semi-finalist.”

We are so proud of all of our North Atlanta Posse Scholarship nominees and we wish them the best of luck throughout this application process!