Behind the Scenes: What Does SGA Actually Do?


Heriot Parsons

SGA in Session: Officers are already hard at work planning a fun school year

Just like the country we live in, the government of our high school is also a democracy. Well, at least the student government is. All NAHS students have the opportunity to run for various positions in the Student Government Association (SGA). And of course, every student gets to make their voice heard by voting for those running. Every August, the halls of North Atlanta High School are decorated with colorful campaign posters beckoning you to vote for different candidates. While most everyone knows that our school has an SGA, few know what SGA actually does. 

The roles of student government are uniform across each grade level. Each grade has a Class President, Vice President, PR Representative, Secretary, and two Senators. The schoolwide SGA, also known as the student body SGA (officers that are over the entire school, not just one grade) are made up of a President, Vice President, PR Representative, and Secretary (no senators). The student body President and Vice President work together to run weekly SGA meetings and school-wide events, such as Prom, Homecoming, and more. The student body PR representative runs social media and marketing, while the Secretary takes the minutes and deals with scheduling. The class-specific positions perform tasks similar to the school-wide officers, but for their grades specifically. The grade-level senators represent the voice and needs of the students in their grades. “Each member, not just the senators, serves as a voice for the students of North Atlanta,” said junior class President Corinne Evans. “They actively input suggestions and bring attention to school issues that need to be fixed.”

Now that the school has voted on positions, and the winning officers have been announced, students should know the responsibilities that come with being an SGA officer. SGA holds meetings every Monday to discuss both school-wide and grade-specific matters. Every member has an important job to do, making attendance vital. Junior Luke McCullough, a student government officer for the past three years, certainly knows what it takes to be an elected official. “Some may assume that SGA doesn’t do much, but that is not the case. SGA works hard every meeting to plan important school-wide events like Prom and Homecoming. We also deal with issues within the school,” said McCullough. “Every member is held accountable for their actions and can be kicked off for misconduct.”

This year will bring new leadership to student government, and fellow Warriors are eager to see their peers take action. SGA? More like SG-YAY! Peace out Dubs.